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The Beach in Rabat, Morocco + NYC Event Details

Spent a day by my favorite place on earth, the beach. No matter what country I’m at, the beach is always my ‘happy place.’
The beach here in Rabat, Morocco was similar to the beaches I’m used to in California as far as the water temperature and the color of the sand. I even saw surfers, and wanted to surf myself had I not had to go to dinner to go to right afterwards. I didn’t really see that many Moroccan ladies in their bikinis enjoying a sun tan like we do in California. There were more men than women enjoying the beach but nonetheless even if the Moroccan ladies weren’t in bikinis, they were still looking cute in their proper beach attire. For me, this wasn’t much of a shock until I met a photographer at the airport who traveled to Rabat 10 years ago and showed me a photograph of the Rabat beach 10 years ago where there were absolutely no women. I just thought that was quite interesting to see how the times are changing.
Photos by Young Jun Koo
P.S. I’ll be in New York next week to host a shopping event at Piperlime! Hope you can stop by the event and hang with me next Wednesday! You can RSVP at


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  4. Hi AhMee

    You are one of my fav fashion blog and love to see your closet. So well oganized it inspire me to clean my closet too.



  5. Lovely pictures, you look really happy and your outfit is impeccable as always :-)

    xx, V

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  8. It's good that nowadays you can see some women on the beach in Rabat. I know that it depends on their religion and customs, but I believe women there should have their own freedom as much as they need it.

    Sun and Sany

  9. love your pictures! you look so pretty … actually the reason you didnt see that many people in the beach is because here in morocco we're still caught up in exams and finals . summer break did not start yet but when it starts the beach is full.
    PS : there are moroccan ladies who were bikinis and there are others who don't

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  11. Really love the outfit !
    I actually live in Rabat and i guess that you were at skhirat beach ! You need to know that in the summer there is actually a lot of moroccan woman in bikinis !
    Nice to see you enjoyed you trip !!!


  12. Love your beach wear & it is interesting to see how much times have changed not just with the beach but everywhere. I feel like going to the beach now, but it's winter.


  13. a beach is a gateway to heaven if you ask me…the air, the space, the sea…

    Cute shorts, liking the whole look.

  14. Perfect look as always dear:))
    I love those pics! so optimistic ♥ and outfit is great! beautiful shorts and shirt! amazing combination!
    kisses:* and maybe you would want to visit my blog while having some free time?:)) NEW POST

  15. I spent last weekend at the beach down in Florida. I never feel as relaxed as I do when I'm there. Also, love your shorts.

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  16. What a beautiful outfit!
    The beach looks so pretty too.

    Great blog:) I just followed you!

    If you can, check out


  17. The water looks so clear and the sand looks so smooth! These pics make me want to visit Morocco now.