My Closet in Glamour

A while ago during the few days that I was in L.A., the team from Glamour came to shoot my closet and where I blog (my sofa!) for their Chic Peek section.
It looks quite different from the last time my closet was photographed (here) and since this Glamour shoot, I’ve added different touches throughout my closet and my house (I’ll share soon, I promise!) but I hope you enjoy this mini tour of my place and make sure to check out for more photos!
Thank you Jen and Miha! xoxo
Wearing a Three Floor Top and Skirt, and Heels from Celine (similar here)
Bracelets from Vita Fede, Giles & Brother, Cartier.
I like to store my sunglasses on a wine rack found at the flea market, and display my bracelets on wine bottles.
Wearing Zara Shirt (similar), AG Jeans (last seen here.)


  1. Love the alligator head with the two dollar bill!
    You are a genius!

  2. Amazing pieces! I love your sunglasses!

    xx Su

  3. amazing closet and pictures, I had already seen youu closet tour on youtube so I knew I already loved it ahah

  4. you're closet it's like a dream come true!
    love the bag with the road print on the first pic ;)

  5. kfc

    Ah so inspired! I need a new storage system for my shoes too.

  6. Your closet is AMAZING!!!

  7. Amazing wardrobe! I love the coral used to hold necklaces.

  8. Love those shoes!! I just love your whole closet! Beautiful things deserve a good closet!

    -The Fashionista Tourist

  9. Such wonderful photos. I love your home!

  10. This is all so perfect! Your closet is amazing :)

  11. You look amazing as always, I just looove your style and the details from your closet! You're one of my fav blogs ♥

  12. Your closet is AMAZING! The fact that you built it makes it even better. Awesome outfit as well. I love shiny shirts. Great Look!

  13. Your closet is divine! Just love how you keep your accessories!

  14. Wow, I've fallen in love!

    Tiny darling

  15. What a great feature! You have a beautiful place Aimee!

  16. wow… such an adorable closet <3

    wish to have one like that <3

    Miss Aa

  17. Love the old wine rack to store sunglasses!

  18. Your closet is amazing! I love the alligator mouth, stunning set up!

  19. Love this sneak peek of your home and closet. So lovely!

    xo, alison*elle

  20. So pretty! Your closet is lovely. I want this glasses :D

    Olhando Para Tudo

  21. Congrats on the feature. Love to see the closet!!

  22. Seriously awesome! I swear you have more shoes though haha!

    Loving your couch so much ;)

  23. I am absolutely in love with your closet.

    xo S.

  24. looking lovely Aimee <3
    love ur wardrobe and that threefloor top !


  25. Your closet is super cool and so organized!

  26. So jealous of your closet!

  27. I love your closet! It's so awesome! :D

    xx Denysia Yu

  28. Even more amazing than I imagined and those photos of you are stunning! Love your decorating style so much!


  29. i can't even! gaaaah my dream closet!! <3

  30. You're soo organised – it looks amazing!

    Love the idea of using a wine holder to organise your shades – so going to have to borrow this idea ;)

  31. desperately want closet like yours !!! and i guess i am not the only one :D

  32. I wish I had your closet. It's fabulous <3



  33. Woaw! I love your wardrobe! I want to live there jajajaj
    (old wearitwithpassion)

  34. Gorgeous ! Love it !

    XX Luba

    Styling with hat, today on

  35. Great post and photos! The red heels are amazing!


  36. the most awesome closet ever. absolute envy (in a good way)

  37. Wow, I'm in love with your closet !

  38. Oh wow I really love this post! So many shoes!! Haha :D I love your jewelry aswell! Great post!

    x Valérie

  39. ¡Me encantan los zapatos, son mi perdición!

  40. S.

    <3 <3 <3 Genious idea to store braclet on wine bottles!

  41. ah i love closet photos hehe yours is amazing ofc!

    Cinja's Blog

  42. Love your sense of style and organizing skill :)))))

  43. so amazing, I want that wardrobe!!!

  44. Waouuuh great picture, you should be so proud !
    congrat's and lucky you, it's an amazing closet !


  45. wow . . so cool !!
    one of my fav. magazines :)
    i want your clothes . . haha

    xoxo manu

  46. Damn, your dressing is SO cool <3

  47. Your closet is such an inspiration, I love it !


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  48. You have an amazing closet, I'm totally with your closet. You have and amazing interior design taste.

  49. Love your closet, all those clothes looks so beautiful.

  50. Amazing! It's really interesting to see your closet and the atmosphere of your room.
    Can't wait to see your post about new interior!


  51. Great, but how long does it take to make your closet look like that?:D

    Sun and Sand

  52. Awe I love your closet! <3


  53. Very nice pics and your look. Great day.

  54. stunning closet, all of us dream a wardrobe like this!!
    xx Marika

  55. congrats!:) the photos are so pretty!♥

  56. Gorgeus closet !!

  57. Stop posting your closet! I get increasingly more jealous everytime I see it!


  58. Chi

    I love to see closets of fellow bloggers! It helps me justify all my unnecessary purchases and overflowing closet.

  59. I want your closet!! And you look so cute on photos!

  60. Lovely pictures! I ADORE the idea of the bracelets on wine bottles :)

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  63. what do you think we are new to this so we want to know your opinion

  64. wow your wardrobe is amazing, so many clothes! it looks so neat, but i'm sure its not always like that :)


  65. it must be great that a magazine like Glamour chooses your closet to show

  66. Wonderful closet! Would love to have like that one too! ;)


  67. Your shoes collections is just dope! x

  68. Your closet is amazing :)

  69. I had read about this on their instagram. How awesome! I wish I had a closet like that! xx

  70. now wouldn't we all just love to raid your closet !

  71. These pictures are beautiful! I want your closet!!!!

    Congrats on a fabulous blog! I am always updating it to see new posts :)

    I would be honored if you could check out

    Always a fan,

  72. Oh Gosh, I think I just had a heart attack!

  73. Amazing! My jealously is almost uncontrollable!!

  74. Wish I had that shoe collection!


  75. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at people's closets! Love how you use things like wine bottles, etc. to store/display accessories. Great ideas!


  76. insanely gorgeous and well-stocked closet!
    kw ladies in navy

  77. You look amazing in the last picture


  78. you have the most gorgeous closet ever… love it!

  79. Wow, amazing! Loving it!

    XOXO Maud


  80. you have an amazing closet!
    great pics:)
    loove your look:3

  81. Your closet is like heaven! Keep up with your blog, I love it! You're doing an amazing job!

    Carly's Closet

  82. OMG your dressing is awesome
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  83. Your place is really beautiful, from what I can see from here! :)

  84. You are absolutely lovely. I read your blog when you were just starting and am so happy to see you having so much success. That lucite table in your living room is breathtaking, as is your closet!

  85. Want your closet!! ;) Love how with simple things you have manage to arrange your accessories!

  86. You are SOOOOO lucky to have a closet like that! Not only is it huge but you also have the most amazing collection of clothes, handbags and shoes!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  87. Love this closet!

  88. Ohmy, this is true heaven

  89. I am loving your home oh so much!


  90. Wow what am amazing closet!! I love the wine rack sunglass stand. such a good idea! xx

  91. Adore these photos, you have the most amazing closet, I'm so jealous!!

  92. Seriously, you have one of the best closets. I loved your idea with the while bottles so I did the same :)


  93. You must show where you store the rest of your shoes! I have no idea how to organize all my shoes and would love to see some ideas! :)

  94. great inspiration! I like the idea of your sunglasses in the wine bottle-holder :) and the bracelets around empty wine bottles! love it!

  95. great ;)
    i dream about it <3

  96. ohmygoodness I think I'm in love. WOW!!!

  97. Completely in love with how your closet is set up. So happy that you were included in Glamour!

    Best, xx

  98. Love those red Celine heels! Quite the closet lady, wish there was a shoe picture.


  99. You're closet still is a dream!


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  100. Lyn

    so cool, congrats! but I totally understand why : your closet is AMAZING xx

  101. So adorable and congratulations on Glamour! Keep up the great work dear :)) Hope one day I'll be able to meet you ;D

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – NEW POST: Blooming In Blues –

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  103. Absolutely stunning closet! Great ideas I can use for my own. Love this post!


  104. Beautiful! I wish my closet was like this. Holly xx

  105. Love your style , I feel related to you. I am from Colombia and I am architect and interior designer Today I have a new baby:: my new blog check it out

    keep the style
    Mile rubio

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  107. Oh wow, that is like THE dream closet!

  108. Loving these photos, they're so much fun!!! Congrats on being in Glamour!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  109. Omg! i want you closet!! so amazing Aimee~
    Check out this blog

  110. I love love love this post! So effortless and cool:)

    Check out my blog:

    Love, Gemma

  111. Your closet is perfection! Congrats for the shoot xx

  112. I really really love ur closettt!
    stayy prettyy hehe

  113. Every fibre of your body is stylish!!

  114. Lovely closet !
    nice idea, the botles … i take it !

  115. Your closet is so cool, so it's normal your closet is in Glamour magazine!


  116. I've been looking for a creative way to display my sunglass collection – wine rack! GENIUS!

  117. You have such an amazing closet! I remember that I watched a video of your closet some time ago and I absolutely loved it!

  118. Wow, this is unreal. I love your arm candy. Love the multiples of similar bracelets and your rings. Adds to the amazing clothes.

  119. fantastic looks very pretty , love these pics :) and they are obviously awesome :) thanks for share
    Mens Fashion Online

  120. B.

    Your closet (and of course your whole appartment) is so beautiful, I'm so in love with it :) xx

  121. Do you have a website/company info for your clothes rod, shoe closet, and sweater cubes? I am turning a guest room into my closet and would love this look!

  122. Axesome! I want the same closet.


  123. Seriously LOVE your aesthetic I hope I can someday achieve even half of your style!!

  124. Is there significance in the $2 in the alligator head? Just curious…

  125. ohhh my.. That is a fabulous closet! Well, my closet will be full soon with great fashion stuffs! :p Trendy womens clothing

  126. I absolutely love your dressing room. It's to die for! But please please pleaaaase tell me where you got those two shoe-wardrobes from! I love them, and i've been meaning to find something quite like those, but i can't seem to succeed. So i'd really appreciate it if you'd tell me where they're from :) Thanks in advance!

  127. I wish I had a large wardrobe. Perhaps I’ll work on that in the future hehe :D Thanks for sharing!

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  129. MindyA

    I wish my closet was spacious like yours, you have an amazing closet. All the best!

  130. alicem

    Hi there,

    I love your closet so much. Where did you buy it?


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