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My Closet in Glamour

A while ago during the few days that I was in L.A., the team from Glamour came to shoot my closet and where I blog (my sofa!) for their Chic Peek section.
It looks quite different from the last time my closet was photographed (here) and since this Glamour shoot, I’ve added different touches throughout my closet and my house (I’ll share soon, I promise!) but I hope you enjoy this mini tour of my place and make sure to check out for more photos!
Thank you Jen and Miha! xoxo
Wearing a Three Floor Top and Skirt, and Heels from Celine (similar here)
Bracelets from Vita Fede, Giles & Brother, Cartier.
I like to store my sunglasses on a wine rack found at the flea market, and display my bracelets on wine bottles.
Wearing Zara Shirt (similar), AG Jeans (last seen here.)


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  6. I wish I had a large wardrobe. Perhaps I’ll work on that in the future hehe :D Thanks for sharing!

  7. I absolutely love your dressing room. It's to die for! But please please pleaaaase tell me where you got those two shoe-wardrobes from! I love them, and i've been meaning to find something quite like those, but i can't seem to succeed. So i'd really appreciate it if you'd tell me where they're from :) Thanks in advance!

  8. Seriously LOVE your aesthetic I hope I can someday achieve even half of your style!!

  9. Do you have a website/company info for your clothes rod, shoe closet, and sweater cubes? I am turning a guest room into my closet and would love this look!

  10. Your closet (and of course your whole appartment) is so beautiful, I'm so in love with it :) xx

  11. Wow, this is unreal. I love your arm candy. Love the multiples of similar bracelets and your rings. Adds to the amazing clothes.

  12. You have such an amazing closet! I remember that I watched a video of your closet some time ago and I absolutely loved it!

  13. I've been looking for a creative way to display my sunglass collection – wine rack! GENIUS!

  14. Seriously, you have one of the best closets. I loved your idea with the while bottles so I did the same :)


  15. You are absolutely lovely. I read your blog when you were just starting and am so happy to see you having so much success. That lucite table in your living room is breathtaking, as is your closet!

  16. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at people's closets! Love how you use things like wine bottles, etc. to store/display accessories. Great ideas!


  17. These pictures are beautiful! I want your closet!!!!

    Congrats on a fabulous blog! I am always updating it to see new posts :)

    I would be honored if you could check out

    Always a fan,

  18. I had read about this on their instagram. How awesome! I wish I had a closet like that! xx

  19. You look amazing as always, I just looove your style and the details from your closet! You're one of my fav blogs ♥

  20. Ah so inspired! I need a new storage system for my shoes too.