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La Medina in Marrakech, Morocco

If I had to pick my favorite moment in Morocco, it would be going to the Medina in Marrakech. For someone who doesn’t like to shop in stores (I prefer to online shop) it was so fun and interesting to see so many different items for sale, haggling and to people watch.
As soon as you enter the Marrakech Medina, you’ll see snake handlers, monkey handlers (not my cup of tea), Moroccan men in super tradition costumes and much more. Definitely, a great scene for tourists like me especially if you want to take fun photos although you must tip whoever you take a photo of in this area or they’ll chase after you!
I naturally gravitate towards music so when I heard drums, I walked over to these gentlemen and hung out with them a little bit.
’bout to show these boys my moves..
We danced for awhile and attracted a crowd of our own.
Ok, this was my favorite thing to do. Rug shopping!
There were so many to choose from. A little tip for you if you’re rug shopping in Marrakech, don’t go with the first price they give you. I paid half of what the owner initially offered.

I wore a BCBG Maxazria Runway Jacket (similar here), Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Dress, Schutz Sandals, and a Rebecca Minkoff Bag.

I packed a lot of colorful clothes this trip and I felt right at home!
You know me and shoes.. Although I didn’t get anything for myself, I did get a great pair of Moroccan flats for my mom. I paid the full price because it was already so cheap. (I think I paid about $10-$15 for the pair.)
Love the archway here.
My lovely sister Dani whom I had the pleasure to travel with. Some people on instagram commented that we should be covered up since we’re in a Muslim country but like I’ve mentioned in this post, the Moroccan people didn’t mind at all. Everyone I came across treated us with respect, didn’t scold us for showing skin (although the first day I did cover up just incase) and were open minded whether they themselves were covered up or not. I’m seriously so in love with this country!
Photos by Dani Song and I


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  3. OMG! Your photos look absolutely stunning!! It all looks so colourful. I've always wanted to get to Morocco sometime, but now I need to get there ASAP! xo

  4. Absolutely love this whole look, especially those sandals! You're so lucky to travel with your sister, I can see how close of a relationship you both have :) And Morocco looks amazing.


  5. Oh yes you don't have to worry about particularly covering up in Morroco (or Maghreb countries in general); it's more in Arab countries in the middle-east that you have to be careful! Beautiful pictures by the way :)

  6. I spent a month in Morocco last October and stayed in Rabat. As much as I had wanted to wear sleeveless, shorts and skirts due to the hot weather, I opted for more covered up clothing, partly out of respect and not get too much unwanted attention. Still, I got whistled at a lot and people calling at me. I'm surprised that you found it quite easy to fit in!

    I'm glad you had a great time. Don't you love meandering the souk markets? Morocco is a beautiful country.

  7. That is such a fabulous trip! Loved your outfit. You should haggle wherever you go in souvenir stores (like in Turkey, Morrocco, Egypt, etc), it's the only way!

    And by the way, most Arab countries are more open-minded than you think. You'll get the occasional winks or whistles but nothing too much :)


  8. the marrakech medina is hands down one of my favorite places in the world. as for the covering up it's great that you came across so many open minded moroccans and were never scolded but i think the point is that since it's a muslim country you should cover up out of respect for their culture, not out of fear of being scolded. regardless you and your sister look amazing and the hot pink fits perfectly with the medina's bright colors!


  9. What a fun post! Definitely one of my favorites of yours. The pictures are beautiful. And I'm obsessed with your outfit. And I love your tips! I also love that they are so accepting of other cultures there. I must must visit Morocco!

    Juliette Laura

  10. your jacket actually looks like it was purchased there! so awesome and that dress is the most gorgeous colour. This is definitely a country I would love to visit, looks beautiful.

  11. I was there last year to do some volunteer work with children, so this brings back a lot of fun memories!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, love the beautiful pictures :)

    Greetings from Belgium