All White

I’m sure you’ve seen me in countless white outfits, and hopefully you’re not sick of it because I’m not intending to stop anytime soon. I just freaking love white. When I can’t decide on what to wear, I tend to go with white instead of black.
This was one of those days, and also a day when I wanted to try these killer Gucci heels out for the first time. Something about white, despite it having the possibility of getting dirty so quick, is so appealing to me because it looks so crisp and fresh.
I love the ankle cuffs and gold metal details on these Gucci heels. Can’t wait to try them on with a pair of boyfriend jeans.


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  4. Wow, I love your all white look! Perfect with your skin especially those killer gladiators!!!

    Once more you look fantastic dear in such a simple and elegant look, I love your style.


  5. I saw those Gucci sandals in person and actually walked right by them because they sat a little oddly on display.

    However, I regret not trying them on. Sometimes shoes look so different tried on….versus just looking at them on display.

    I love this!


  6. Great outfit!
    It was great to see you in NY yesterday… even thought I didnt personally say hello (The line for photo op!! wow!)
    You always pull together great looks and yesterday's picks at Piperlime were no exception.


  7. I really like total white looks but as I am very pale (I didn't yet go to the ​​beach) I think it's not the right look for me at this time of year.