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Palm Leaf Print Suit


Joie Mehira Blazer
Joie Merci Shorts
J Brand TeeRachel Roy Cap Toe Flats (also in lace)
Coach Legacy Pinnacle Bag (smaller version here)

Photos by Dani Song


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  6. aimee, i love your style! i know i'm kind of late on catching up with all the latest fashion bloggers, but you're seriously my favorite. you have this effortless laid back chic style that I absolutely adore! I spent a whole day reading your whole blog.

    I saw this outfit worn by another model on intagram!

    I'm so glad I met you at the Blogger Bazaar! Can't wait till you do another one.


  7. perfect outfit for a busy spring day:)
    actually, on these pics I've been attracted mostly by the background.. I'm running TLV Birdie blog, an insider's look on art and fashion scene through my window displays observations over Tel Aviv, and I see there smth really pretty of LA style:) You're more than welcome to check out how is it here in Tel Aviv..:)

  8. You're officially my style icon ! I just can't help it, that I love every single outfit you wear, and I have like a ton of pictures from your outfits on my iPad inspiration file! AAAH, love your style so much xxx

  9. if you wake up some day and something is missing(your wardrobe) i wont knok who have taken it!!hahaahah
    i enjou your looks so much girl!
    its heaven for the eye and the taste

    Bisous from STYLE FEST