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Packing For Coachella

Every time I travel, I try to plan my outfits ahead to make packing and dressing easier. I should do this more often for my daily outfits but I like being spontaneous and I tend to dress according to my mood that morning. Do you select your outfits ahead of time?
Above are just a few outfits items that I’m packing for Coachella. I hear it’s going to be hot (90 degrees all weekend long!) so I’m packing a lot of light pieces that I can easily mix and match!


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  1. I did a blog post of Coachella style and trends of 2013…as I was doing my research, I cam across photos of wearing wearing these gorgeous outfits which you have posted. I adored your outfit which consisted of the Botkier Valentina Mini, Floral crop top and Acid Floral skirt-absoloutely stunning! Hope u had a blast at Coachella.x

  2. Great ensembles… I can almost tell how Coachella is going to be based on your outfits. I normally select my outfits the night before especially if I'm heading for work because I barely leave enough time for anything else other than brushing my teeth!

  3. I love them all!! You are gonna be stunning!!! I would love to assist to Coachella too! Must be great¡¡¡

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  4. I always pack in outfits! Otherwise I end up overpacking and taking like 4 luggages for just one weekend. I love the outfits you picked out, perfect for Coachella!

    Style Infatuation

  5. Great outfit planning!! It's gonna be really amazing and I can't wait to see your amazing photos here, will be checking in on your instagram feed! <3 Btw, I've just upload my new outfit post featuring MINT on MINT on MINT, so if you're into pastels I urge you to feast your eyes, and do tell me what you think and hope you're wholly PROVOKED! ;)

    xx The Provoker

  6. First outfit, I would never put those two things together, but you did and it looks great!

  7. Those bikini tops and bottoms are gorgeous! Especially the stringy minty one in the last pic.
    Love these looks, and have fun!


  8. Such great outfits! I love that you don't get too swept up in 'festival style' by combining festival pieces with your own style! And I plan my outfits ahead of time, especially when travelling!

    Juiette Laura

  9. These outfit layouts are fantastic! I'm dreaming of festival weather–it's snowing here this morning :(