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Packing For Coachella

Every time I travel, I try to plan my outfits ahead to make packing and dressing easier. I should do this more often for my daily outfits but I like being spontaneous and I tend to dress according to my mood that morning. Do you select your outfits ahead of time?
Above are just a few outfits items that I’m packing for Coachella. I hear it’s going to be hot (90 degrees all weekend long!) so I’m packing a lot of light pieces that I can easily mix and match!


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  1. I did a blog post of Coachella style and trends of 2013…as I was doing my research, I cam across photos of wearing wearing these gorgeous outfits which you have posted. I adored your outfit which consisted of the Botkier Valentina Mini, Floral crop top and Acid Floral skirt-absoloutely stunning! Hope u had a blast at Coachella.x

  2. Great ensembles… I can almost tell how Coachella is going to be based on your outfits. I normally select my outfits the night before especially if I'm heading for work because I barely leave enough time for anything else other than brushing my teeth!

  3. Such great outfits! I love that you don't get too swept up in 'festival style' by combining festival pieces with your own style! And I plan my outfits ahead of time, especially when travelling!

    Juiette Laura