Magical Pink

Because I’m constantly on a ‘go’ mode due to my busy schedule, sometimes I forget to enjoy the little things and take a breather. This day, I was up from 6 am and running (and driving) back and forth working on my day job (aside from blogging) and had to drag Wesley Mason out from his lunch break to have him help me with my work. While he was driving, I happened to look out the window and saw how pretty the trees were. Usually when I’m not driving, instead of keeping the person company, I tend to look at my phone and try to answer all of my emails, but this day the timing was just perfect.
We literally had less than 10 minutes to take all of these photos but I love how they turned out. Everything was just so perfect and magical. The lighting, the setting, and the outfit I happened to be wearing.
New designer I love: Athena Procopiou. This London based designer makes really pretty patterns on silk. I’m wearing one of her kimonos but she also makes beautiful scarfs. I am obsessed with her entire collection!
My busy day outfits mean I’m usually in jeans. I love the fit and light wash of these 7 FAM boyfriend jeans and the embellishment makes them a little dressier than the usual boyfriend jeans yet still so comfortable like every single one of their jeans.
The jeans are the perfect slightly cropped length, so I paired them with ankle strap heels.
I’ve worn these Rachel Roy heels a few times on the blog, and they’re quickly becoming one of my favorites. The color and texture are so different than any other heels I have plus they are so comfortable for heels!

Athena Procopiou Printed Silk Kimono
7 For All Mankind Josefina Boyfriend Jeans w/ Embellishment (non embellishment version here and here)
Coach Haley Satchel (smaller version here)
Rachel Roy Gemma Heels


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  5. Awesome pics Aimee!!! Love your entire outfit but what I like the most are those heels, they are amazing!! Kisses & Hugs

    Today in my Bymedidri SWIMWEAR 2013, with the best bikinis and swimsuits of the top brands. Oh and you appear in the post wearing a bikini as one of my inspirations.

    Do you already have your beachy outfits?



  6. very very inspiring photos … its indeed magical pink … nature was on your side providing natural pink …good job keep it up …www.naijabizcom.com

  7. Absolutely breathtaking pictures! Everything is perfect in these…your hair, face, outfit and the scenery :)

    xx, V


  8. That kimono is divine! Absolutely adore it! This setting is so perfect, really allows the kimono to pop!

  9. Absolutely stunning! Your Coach satchel is to die for. Just wanted to let you know that I came across your Instagram account and immediately fell in love with your sense of style. So glad to have discovered your Fashion Blog! Keep up the amazing work :) xx


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  11. Such beautiful photos! You must be an incredible model to get these shots in 10 minutes! Your kimono works amazingly with the flowers.

  12. Such beautiful pictures! You're lucky to happen to find a place with falling pink flower petals that go with your outfit…oh the simple things in deed :) Love it!


  13. The fact that you took all those beautiful photos in 10 minutes is probably only something you can pull off. The photos look great, you look fabulous, and I adore everything you're wearing!

    Style Infatuation

  14. The perfect day and time to take photos at that location, SO beautiful with all the pink everywhere!

  15. Oh my god these pictures are beyond perfect! There's something about these pictures and the background that makes everything perfect! I live your shoes and pants especially! Xx