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Coachella 2013 Day One

This year’s Coachella was even more special for me since my sister Dani got to join me. It was our first music festival together since we were kids so everything was that much more fun and nobody got lost. When we were very little (I was about 12,) Dani and I went to an outdoor concert by the beach by ourselves and when the concert ended, I lost her in the crowds. I remember, walking by the boardwalk for about an hour looking for her and I had almost given up so I was walking with my head down all defeated until I saw two feet with familiar sandals from the corner of my eyes. A few months before, my sister and I went on a family trip to Guam and purchased these unique looking sandals, and that’s what caught my eyes. Anyways, long story short, it was her sandals that made me find her, and I still cannot forget the happiness and relief I felt when I found her sitting by some random tent/booth with her tiny feet dangling off the floor.
Btw, excuse the fuzzy photos from Coachella! They don’t allow professional cameras inside Coachella unless you’re media, so all the photos were taken with either a tiny camera or my trusty iphone!
A hot day in Coachella calls for coconut water! Ummm, craving it right now!
I am a big denim jacket gal (or denim everything gal!) and when I saw this patchwork denim jacket, I couldn’t pass!

Armani Exchange Patchwork Denim Jacket
Lovers & Friends Lace Romper

Vintage Snakeprint Cowboy Boots (similar here and here)
Loeffler Randall Pouchette (also here and here)


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  1. ahh you make me wanna go to Coachella too! you look gorgeous and the whole scenery just screams fun!

  2. You were definitely looking very coachella with all the staples like lace, cowboy boots, sunnies, cross body bag and denim!

  3. perfect from head to toe!! you and your sister are soo beautiful and photogenic!

    Laura x

  4. OMG :o
    You were looking so perfect♥
    I totally adore your style! it's awesome and you're so perfectly beautiful! WOW:D

    maybe you would want to visit my blog while having some free time?:))

  5. You and your sister are wearing such chic outfits! I love that you didn't do denim fringe cut-offs and the sort…you look INFINITELY more stylish and fabulous :D

  6. Your background story is so so cute! So personable! Your outfits are both gorgeous! And not being able to use a nice camera almost makes the picture have a cool look to them!

    Juliette Laura

  7. one stylish pair of sisters is all I can say :)

    Check out my Blog for everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

    xx, V

  8. Red definitely suits you well! You should wear it more often. Lovely outfit as always Andy :)

    xx, V

  9. The white dress with those boots are veeeery cute!

    I loved the skirt you wore at the blogger bazaar… Who was that from?

  10. I really love these pictures because they convey this typical and beautiful festival atmosphere (even they were made with an iPhone! :p ).

    I also love your look because it's simple but sweet and perfect for a festival like Coachella. Beautiful! <3

    xo Deborah Chloe

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  12. This dress is so amazing :) you look great at your pics and it seems you had a lot of fun :)

    xoxo manu

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