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H&M, The Fashion Show

Did you watch the livestream? The H&M; Autumn Winter 2013 Fashion Show was nothing less than spectacular! Super edgy pieces walked down the runway at a beautiful mansion like venue that H&M; had built just for the fashion show at Musée Rodin. The venue was absolutely incredible with different themed rooms and all the “it” super models walking down the runway.
There were so many pieces that I’d love to wear immediately such as the over the knee boots, fluffy white faux fur jacket with black stripes, and the 90’s inspired hats. I can’t believe these are all going to be offered at their usual price points!


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  1. This collection looks major! I really hope that I'll be able to source some of these pieces in Boston stores…it's a crap shoot sometimes.

    Jealous you got to see it! Seemed like a great show and the set-up is beautiful!

    xoxo, Em

  2. Saw the show on the livestream you posted (thanks so much again!) and I really loved the collection. This autumn and winter will be filled with lovely fashion! xx

  3. Beyond amazing! I can't wait to snag those boots,hats,and thatoversized cream sweater.

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  5. I didn´t see the livestream, but judging by the photos it´s a wonderful collection! I love the w&b; coat on the 4th pic and those boots!

    I invite you to come to my blog if you wanna see a TROPICAL PARADISE!! And the most beautiful SUNSET I´ve ever seen! You are more than welcome!!!

    Kisses & Hugs from Spain and congrats for your awesome style, I love it!