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The Coveteur x Aimee Song, The Video

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Remember my shoot with The Coveteur a while back? Well, here’s a behind the scene video and also a preview of a new shoot we just did when I was in New York! Please don’t laugh at my c-walking skills. I really can c-walk better than this.
Thank you, Erin, Jake, Stacie and Stephanie for always being so lovely and putting me on The Coveteur once again! Part 2 coming real soon! xoxo


  1. OH! MY! GOD! … The fact that you even KNOW what a Crip walk is lol… Just brought you to ..if there a rank higher than #1 that would be you on my favorite bloggers ever!

    Love you Aimee!

    Maggie A
    Love Scrapbook

  2. I absolutely LOVE this video! The background music is adorable and you just seem so sympathetic every time you speak in a video. I really like that! Can't wait for the next one ;) xx

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