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Song of Style on Instagram : Aruba Edition

Floating on the pool at the rental house in Aruba. One piece is from We Are Handsome (also love this, this, and this one from them and this bikini) and sunnies are from Illesteva
Wearing a BCBG hat and American Apparel bikini (similar here)
BCBG bikini. Btw, haven’t had fritos for a very long time and I’m addicted to this flavor!
Everyday I ate breakfast like a queen!
The biggest pancake I’ve ever eaten! It’s a dutch pancake and was absolutely yum! Wondering where I can get these in LA?
Wearing Lolli Swim Bikini Top (in black here) and Michael Stars Striped Shorts (coming this Spring!)
Wearing Lolli Swim (here and bottom here) again. Their bikinis are so playful and cute.
Our new view from our new place in Aruba. I love being so close to the beach.
I heart the beach so much!
So thankful to be here.
I heart you Aruba! xoxo


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  1. I saw you liked the dutch pancakes! I'm from Holland and they are really easy to make!

    you'll need
    2 eggs
    2 cups of milk
    2 cups of (selfrising)flour
    frying pan

    mix all the ingredients together untill you get a nice batter,
    preheat your frying pan and put some butter in it.
    Add a (big)spoon of the batter to the pan and start baking, once the batter has dried you can flip the pancake.. The first one will fail most of the times, so be prepared ! :)

    Hope you'll like this recipe!