Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

New York Fashion Week – After BCBG


Sandro Leather Jacket (splurge here, save here)
BCBG Jumpsuit
BCBG Harness
Saint Laurent Heels
Lionette Necklace and Bracelets
Vita Fede Bracelets


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  1. Really a great addition. I have read this marvelous post. Thanks for sharing information about it. I really like that. Thanks so lot for your convene.

  2. I followed you first on instagram and I just followed you in your official blog. I just want to say that I LOVE your pictures! They are amazing, your outfits are like so perfect. Its always very innovative and the thing that I like the most about them is that they have a combo of fancy and casual all the time-PERFECT!.

  3. BRILLIANT outfit! Love the baggy jumpsuit with the white biker combo, such a brill and minimalist outfit. And white is SPOT on for the trends, lovely!! Hope you weren't too cold hun, stay warm and chic and hope to see you around in LONDON!! I've just posted two Olympia Le-Tan handmade clutches that masquerade around as BOOKS! Total fashion escapism accessories, please do tell what you think on my investment on these new clutches I mean books lol ;p

    xx The Provoker

  4. This outfit is absolutely stunning! I love the white on white look! You're so gorgeous and stylish, you pull off this look amazingly :) x

  5. Love the outfit and you look gorgeous as usual, but there's something a bit photo-shopped about these photos. I prefer Wesley Mason's work!

  6. Love this outfit! So jealous because I would never be able to wear all white since I'm such a klutz; I'd get it dirty, especially in NYC.

  7. Love the outfit and I always love a total white look in the middle of winter!It takes a bold move and always the right complexion of course!

  8. Beautiful. This is the first time I've seen a harness and not cringed a bit – it actually adds a lot of texture to the jumpsuit without being overbearing. Very classy!

    FashionEdible Blog

  9. I was pretty impressed by the combination and wondered how I would have styled plain white.

    The combination of white with black pumps and a brown back – like!

    Another essential thing that made me like that look is the asymmetric cutting and rather future forward accessories. Well done :)