Black and Gold Nails

My new nail ‘did! Matte black and polished nails with gold crosses! Also, had to represent my LA pride so added the LA sign.
What kind of nails are you guys sporting? xoxo


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  1. yeeeee, reppin the city of angels! what great inspiration for us misplaced travelers who are proud to call LA our true home.

    xoxo, co2

  2. LOVE this, miss song. right now, i have a super pale nude polish with bright turquoise tips…but am about to do black matte/gloss with gold, too! (to match a wine bottle label :) )

    {heart} LA!

  3. I'm so in love with this nail design. When you live in LA you definitly have to show your pride of this city. I'm deeply in love with it. xx

  4. I freaking love this! I never liked matte nails, but it looks good in black and broken up with some glossy nails too!

  5. Your nails are lovely! I'm currently trying to find the time to redo mine. They were gold with black on that crescent moon part of my nail. I'm thinking solid pale blue, or maybe some sort of striped pattern with pink, once I get through enough homework to justify a break.