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Wearing a Levi’s Shirt, Isabel Marant Pants, Illesteva Leonard Striped Sunglasses, Necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner, Albeit, and Alexa Leigh, Vita Fede Titan Bracelet and Ring.
No more procrastinating. xoxo
My little helper for my DIY Framed Chalkboard video… His main job duty is just looking cute.
One of my favorite part of my job is picking out stone whether it’s for a kitchen countertop or a table base. I’m wearing an H&M; sweater, Vintage Denim Shirt, Hudson Juliette Leather Pants, Schutz Leopard Boots (similar here and here), and Givenchy Antigona Bag.
I was craving Mexican after my first pilates class. The closest I found was Baja Fresh.
Finally got my hair trimmed by my sister Dani and colored by Annika whom I see every other year.
Off to Aruba with Wesley Mason. Armswag from L to R: Cartier, Vita Fede, Cartier, Vita Fede (1,2,3) and Shoes from Rachel Roy.
This time I have one two many carry ons. Btw, still the perfect travel bag, the Grand Tourista!


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  3. You're one of my favorite bloggers!!! You are so pretty and your style is classy! Definitely been following your stuff for a while and every time I go on your blog, I get super excited to see your stuff!

  4. You bloggers block a person in a sec! omg! you are all so fake after all. you dont let anyone judge (and i dont mean insult u) you although its your choise to expose yourselves!!!
    Your accounts end up beeing sorry about that

  5. Love your hair, mine is similar haha :) and love all the outfits, specially the second one ;)

  6. Eeek! You can bring TWO carry ons? My life is changed, forever. [I always spend so much money checking my baggage.

  7. If you are going to aruba jump on a small plane and visit Curacao too! Carnaval on Aruba/Curacao is worth the visit! :D Have Fun!

  8. Beautiful pictures.This is the first time on this blog.Would you like to follow each other.I've already followed you :)

    Nice blog :)

    Kisses :D

  9. you are so beautiful! im so jealous of your life..always travelling!

    Laura x