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Song of Style Goes to Italy


It’s been a while since I did a travel video (remember my New York video?) so my sister Dani filmed me while we were in Florence. Honestly, photos and video don’t do any justice on how beautiful Florence is and how amazing this experience was but I hope you guys enjoy this video we made (edited by my Wesley Mason)!


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  1. Ahh your time in florence looks amazingg I so want your life! Haha Loved everythingg you wore aswell and what was it you were doing over there the hosting?? that Hotel is gorgeouss too you were living it up like a queen! Amazing video xox

  2. These kind of videos must be so fun to film and it's a different concept and a different way to register all those great moments in our lives. I love it and I actually prefer it, more than photos :)
    It looks great and you look so cute and happy.

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    Lots of love,

  3. thanks for sharing with us Italy! is that the hotel you stayed at (in the few beginning minutes)?? what is it called? looks stunning! i want to stay there too :D

    Laura x