Song of Style Goes to Italy

It’s been a while since I did a travel video (remember my New York video?) so my sister Dani filmed me while we were in Florence. Honestly, photos and video don’t do any justice on how beautiful Florence is and how amazing this experience was but I hope you guys enjoy this video we made (edited by my Wesley Mason)!


  1. Nice video and you are right Florence is so beautiful.

  2. Loved the video!! I want to go to Italy!! :( It looked like you had such a blast! And all your outfits were beautiful, of course!

  3. lovely video, you look so wonderful and radiant, gorgeous!


  4. Amazing, loved the video! Looks like a wonderful city xxx


  5. Such a fun video. Looks like you had so much fun in Italy. I wish I could visit the place someday. Aaaand you have gorge outfit. Post some pics soon :)

    xx, KATIE

  6. thanks for sharing with us Italy! is that the hotel you stayed at (in the few beginning minutes)?? what is it called? looks stunning! i want to stay there too :D

    Laura x

  7. I love Italy and that video is so nice. Have a great monday.

  8. You are so pretty!! The architecture in Florence is really, really amazing.

  9. These kind of videos must be so fun to film and it's a different concept and a different way to register all those great moments in our lives. I love it and I actually prefer it, more than photos :)
    It looks great and you look so cute and happy.

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  10. this video made me smile so much!!! hahhaha and the music:DD you're so funny and full of energy:)! and beautiful<3

  11. The best film! You are funny girl!

  12. Feeling like I was there… videos ( especially ones with music ) are always the best way to share the experience! Looks like you're having a lot of fun – Fashion + Florence = FUN!

  13. Very nice video! Love Italy! Would love to go to Florence :)

  14. Love the video! Italy looks amazing, I'd love to go. You look gorgeous!

    Juliette Laura

  15. Best blogger ever! I absolutely love this video, Aimee!

  16. The video is so fun! Just watched all your other videos. You have a new fan! ;)

  17. great video! can't even imagine how gorgeous Florence is in person!!

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  18. great video! Love the stripped skirt, angel wings sandals and white dress :) xx

  19. cute video! you seem like such a fun person :)

  20. LOVE THIS!

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  21. Cutest. Video. Ever.

    Wesley is so good at what he does :)

    taylor & DEMOLISH

  22. Such a nice video, it must be a great journey!! Nice dance moves!! :)

    <3 Val

  23. love the video! you seem to be such a nice person in real life! x

  24. i am impressed, beautiful video.

  25. Love your jacket!!
    perfect as usual dear

  26. Love Florence, one of my favorite cities in the world!

  27. Nice video, wonderful places! You look stunning, good job :) visit our fashion blog, we're a couple! Bye from ModaDiCoppia

  28. such a nice video, you look pretty and fun. Your a pretty good dancer.


  29. Great video Aimee!
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  30. Magical moments! Thanks for sharing Aimee! <3 Great look stunning as always xo

  31. Amazing video. I am so envious of all your travel opportunities! You always seem to have such a great time :)

  32. Ahh your time in florence looks amazingg I so want your life! Haha Loved everythingg you wore aswell and what was it you were doing over there the hosting?? that Hotel is gorgeouss too you were living it up like a queen! Amazing video xox

  33. What a beautiful fun video! Thank you for sharing with us. I am glad you and Dani both had a great time there. Sorry about the way back though..damn airline lol

  34. Amazing video! So gorgeous I can only imagine it in person.

    The Purse Snatcher 

  35. Wow! The very first shot of the ceiling! Where is that?

  36. Cool video, love your outfits and Florence:)

  37. great amazing funny video!!!!!!!!

  38. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  39. What a happy video! Real fun.
    And such a GORGEOUS dress you're wearing by the poo!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  40. I love these videos! You're so fun on camera! I went to Italy a long time ago… this makes me want to go back so bad, as I didn't see Florence!!
    xo, Kellee from Pirate

  41. adorable video, Aimee. loved your dancing, haha!


  42. omg! You're so funny! I love the way you move ;)

  43. Me encanta el video, estas genial.

    un beso

  44. This is such an amazing video! I was in florence last year, and i love seeing you in all of your incredible oufits walk past the museums, churches, and carousels that i did! Love it xx

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  45. Such a cool video! Italy must have been amazing!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  46. I love the video! Makes me really wanna visit Florence :D

  47. That video is so insanely cute! Looks like you had an amazing time :D


  48. Love this kind of post with videos! you should do it more often!
    Kisses <3

  49. In love with that black and white dress!! – looks gorgeous on you!!

  50. Very nice video – I am just not sure about the music ;8

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  51. Lovely! You should do more videos :) x

  52. Nice video! You look so cute when you're dancing haha!

  53. The video was so lovely! I couldn't stop smiling while seeing it, wishing I can do everything you do, just perfect!

  54. I love when you do travel videos because I have not been to many of the places that you travel and I would love to see what is there and what it is like, Florence looks absolutely stunning!!

  55. The video is super! You should do more videos!


    Cheers! Cory

  56. ahahahah loved the breakfast part!

  57. Awesome video…Florence is truly beautiful.

  58. Love the video! It's great to see a snippet of what goes on at an event like that :)

    love the skirt that you wore for the shoot btw! it is amazing!!!

    xo Luciana

  59. Looks like an amazing time. Can't wait to travel this summer.

    Kristina Wilde

  60. This video is so much fun. Love it!!


  61. Seems you are enjoy the trip!!

    Awesome video!

    Love from Japan.xoxo


  62. Love your outfits here. You look stunning in the video- especially in the hi-low dress!

  63. Video was so enjoyable thank you so much for sharing and you are looking so in this video specially your dress which is wow.Please inform me from where you get this dress.I visit many site like to get pretty dress.

  64. yay! another travel video from you! florence looks jel :( all your outfits were super chic!


  65. Awesome video Aimee!!! I always enjoy them so much :)


  66. this video makes me really fall in love with you! seriously lol your hilarious!

  67. B.

    Oh my god, this video is amazing! I'm so in love :) xx

  68. Oooooh! I adore Italy!
    Wonderful video, you must have had a very good time!


  70. LOVE the place u stayed at! it looks fab! the video makes me want to go there so bad :( wishing new zealand wasn't that far

  71. You the most funny girl in this video, love it !!! More videos plz.
    Plus your looks are amazing !!


  72. Love your style and nice video!

  73. Em

    You're right, it looks even more amazing on film! Great job Dani!

  74. Not crazy about the song, but the video is really cool :) Love all your outfits
    fashion in belgium

  75. It´s a very nice video!!You are very funny and so beautiful.

  76. cute video!

    i love the song, what's the name?

    what camera did you use to film this? i'm looking into buying a new camera, and would love a suggestion. thanks!

  77. Great video. This makes me wanna go travelling so badly. And tell Wesley that he did a great job editing the video ;)

  78. Really love the melody of this video! As fun as the trip..!

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