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DIY Framed Chalkboard

 A couple of weeks ago I filmed a mini tutorial video on how to build a DIY framed chalkboard. I did a DIY post on this awhile back (see here) but with the New Year, I thought it would be cool to do a video! I initially wanted to share this on New Years so you can write your New Year’s Resolutions but it took awhile to edit but here it is finally!
Hope you enjoy my first DIY video and get to make your own framed chalkboard! xoxo


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  1. The idea is wonderful. Sadly, where it comes to anything DIY, I seem to be all-thumbs.

    But could really use a chalkboard – would be better than a bunch of "sticky notes" all over my walls and computer monitor!

    – Jesse
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  2. i fell in love with this idea !
    i need to do it for myself as well now, its a great way to write yourself little reminders not to mention it looks awesome

  3. I love the video and of course this gorgeous DIY idea. I definitly have to try it out for my place, too. xx

  4. This is so much better than the proverbial to do list hanging on the fridge! I plan to make a small one for my kitchen counter to hold on an easel! You made my day with this clever and beautiful idea!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  5. Really cool DIY! I never thought to use the Chalk paint in a frame, lol! I have a Chalk board door, that all my friends write on whenever I have a game night at my house!

    Morgan Ashley

  6. It is a great idea! I din't know you can have a chalkboard using these simple materials! thank you!! Kisses! ^^


  7. such a good idea! i like how you actually make the chalkboard yourself so you can have any size you want!

  8. So cool! I´ll try it soon because I´m organizing a wedding decoration & a cafe decoration.


    Greetings from Madrid, Spain.


  9. Being that you're an interior designer, it would be interesting to see more cool DIY tutorials like this from you.