Blazer + Boyfriend Jeans

Taken a few days before my trip to Aruba, I wore this outfit to several design meetings and job sites. I’m kind of obsessed with these boyfriend jeans. When I first instagrammed them I had a lot of comments saying how unflattering the jeans are for my figure but for me, I’m not always thinking of different ways to show off my body or figure. I guess it threw off some people since these are a bit baggier than my other boyfriend jeans but I love the fact that it’s really like a pair of boyfriend jeans.
What do you guys think? Are boyfriend jeans, yay or nay?

Iro Blazer (in white here and here, similar here, here, and here)
One Teaspoon Boyfriend Jeans (similar here and here)
Lionette Necklace
Giuseppe Zanotti Scalloped Lace Up Heels (also here)
Givenchy Antigona Bag (also here)


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  3. Hi there – this outfit is amazing!
    Are those heels comfortable? or relatively comfortable. i want to purchase them but wonder if I'll even be able to walk in them.

  4. Totally yay!! They look great on you! Not everybody can wear a bf's jeans! Love the leather pocket detail on the back! As usually love your style ;)

  5. it's so hard to judge baggy items in photos, they often come off as unflattering even when in person they look flowy, effortless and fantastic.

    still, i think you pulled these jeans off very well, and the heels and more fitted upper half balance the jeans perfectly.

  6. It's definitely in the way you style them! They look awesome with this outfit, so I say yay all the way. xD Love the blazer by the way!

  7. I saw those comments on Instagram and I don't know what they were talking about because you look great in them!! I love that you wore them still and acknowledged that some people wouldn't like them.. thats fashion though! and you gotta take risks! this was one worth taking for sure ;)


  8. I think they look cool. BF jeans are definitely a yay :) it may not be the most flattering for your body but it still works, since you are very blessed with a such a nicely proportioned figure, almost anything would work! ;)

    I'm a newbie but if you ever get a moment, please check it out ^_^

  9. I follow ur blog from the beginning but tbh never left a comment but cudnt help myself this tym; u look soooo good on these boyfriend jeans… i loved it… it really suits u btw… Boyfriend Jeans Forever – yaaayyyy :))) xxx

  10. Don't listen to the critics, showing off your body and figure in every single outfit isn't essential. Fashion goes first. Anyways, these are amazing jeans! Hope i can find similar ones around where i live.



  11. Nay… Personally I don't like these kind Of jeans, i'm kinda obsessed with skinnies!
    But yay for the blazer!

  12. I love boyfriend jeans, but I have yet to find a pair that are flattering I suppose. You rock these oh so well, and I love the feminine appeal of shoes and color of the blazer.


  13. You look cool and relax… yes to the boyfriend jeans !!!



  14. awesome jeans !
    i really really liked em [:
    even if they are a little bit baggy though, it doesnt matter because they still look nice on you.
    specially your heels as well they are super cute

  15. Not only do I ENVY these boyfriend jeans, but the patchwork on the back pocket makes me want these EVEN MORE!

    I have yet to find the perfect pair and I might have to break the bank with these!

    You always inspire me the way you put oufits together!
    LOVE how you paired the wine jacket and added the strappy black heels, relaxed yet elegant and chic

    LOVE IT!



  16. awesome blazer, i dont believe that berry colour will every go 'out' of fashion.
    great one teaspon jeans they rock at denim :)