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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

Remember the preview I did of the backstage photos I took from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last month? Here are some of the other beautiful models I shot that day along with some photos of the actual show which airs tonight on CBS. All of the girls were stunning of course, and this was by far my favorite Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show so far. The production was incredible and all of the musical guest’s performances were quite mind blowing. My favorite part of course being Rihanna singing oh, so amazingly live and strutting down the runway. This was definitely a super fun experience! 
P.S. I wore a Stylestalker dress and Schutz heels to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


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  2. I wrote a review on the VSFS 2012! Could you please check it out? It's at

  3. you look stunning! you honestly could be strutting your stuff on that runway too!! I can't wait to watch! especially since my girl riri is on it too!

  4. Fantastic photos! I've been looking forward to seeing them since you posted the sneak peek shots on your Instagram! I can't wait to see the whole show now!

  5. The models look more like real girls in your photos, which is quite a nice thing to see! Lovely Stylestalker dress, we're not stocking this particular one but have some other amaaazing ones.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion