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Wavy Hair Inspiration

My go to hairstyle has always been wavy hair. I always feel a little more done and dressy even in a plain tee and jeans whenever I have waves as oppose to regular straight hair.
I normally curl my hair with a curling iron (or sometimes tie it in a messy bun before I go to bed) and use Paul Mitchell’s Twirl Around product and scrunch my hair.
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  2. I love wavy hair. I think it's just one of those looks that never goes out of style. It stood the test of time, and it will keep doing it until further notice. People all around the world are going to adelaide hair salons just to get this particular look.

  3. Great post !!! love wavy hair !!


  4. love these loose waves- so pretty!! You inspire me to towel dry my hair more and just let it do it's thing~

  5. curls are seriously the best way to add to a going out look. Wish i had time to do it everyday but i have so much hair it takes too much time. and scrunching my hair before going to sleep never seems to work. maybe i need more product. :P i'm dying to try the half ponytail volumptuous hairstyle!

  6. such pretty soft curls!
    xx mili

    I go to school in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, but New Jersey is my home.

  7. I wish my hair would be wavy! It's always straight, no matter what I do. When I leave it to dry naturally, it's slightly wavy for a bout two or three hours and then it just looks very dry and messy. Curling irons don't work on me either. My hair is weird!


  8. My hair is naturally wavy, but I achieve the best waves by leaving my hair to dry naturally, and sleeping with slightly damp hair. In the morning, don't mess with your hair too much (don't brush it!) and run a hair cream with your fingers through your hair.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion