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ShoeMint & JewelMint Giveaway

Time for another awesome giveaway! This time I’ve partnered up with ShoeMint and JewelMint to giveaway either 5 pairs of shoes or 5 pieces of jewelry.
To enter the giveaway:
Start a ShoeMint or JewelMint profile to view the collections (free go join and no obligation) and leave a comment below on what your favorite is with your email address
Fyi, JewelMint is still offering 70% off your first piece (50% off your entire order for current memebers) and ShoeMint is offering $40 off your first pair and $20 off additional items (max 3 items in cart, excludes sale items) for new members and $20 off each pair (max 5 items in cart, excludes sale items) for current members.


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  1. Great outfit!

    Come visit my blog where I posted my magazine: GMM NOVEMBER :)


  2. I can't just pick one! I love the KOKO flats and the Christina flats. From JewelMint I like the COQUETTE COLLAR NECKLACE. Thanks for the chance to win!

    rawrms (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. i love the eileen sandal on shoemint! a little bit of sparkle is essential for the upcoming holidays!

    – tami

  4. First, surprisingly I have never visited this site. I am glad that you partnered with them to do this giveaway! The fact that ShoeMint utilizes video content, and competitor prices is absolutely appreciated!! Having video content on your site featuring product info is innovative in today's market so GOOD JOB ShoeMint!!I have bookmarked there site to continue to browse through and hopefully catch sales because of just that. Very grateful.

    My favorite: (if I must choose) the Koko flat with the metallic toe cap. It's adorable and definitely a shoe that needs to be in my collection!

  5. I love the "candy" style in the wine colour. I've been looking for boots like these at the reasonable price for ages! I love them! It's a massive disappointment they don't deliver to Europe!!
    My email:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!! :)

  6. There are so many options to choose from! One of my fave pieces is the arrowhead spear set from JewelMint.

    My contact email is (at gmail dot com). I used my shopping email to sign up for the Mints. Hope that's okay!

  7. LOVE jewelmint. I've bought a couple pieces from this site, but right now I am eyeing the Georgian Chain Necklace, Strappy Hour Bracelet, Arrowhead Spear Set (was sold out by the time I tried getting it), and the Urban Safari Necklace.

    I have yet to make my first purchase on shoemint, but so far my favorites are Koko, Julie, Eileen, Zoe, Ruth, and Sukie. There are just way too many options to choose from. I love them all!


  8. The gold lamé necklace from jewelmint is absolutely fabulous!! And I love the Gina shoes from shoemint :)

  9. i'm loving the Meghan boots from shoemint!!
    i've been seeing a lot of heeled boots, but considering i'm 5'10", i can really use a pair of flat boots!!

  10. I would love to have your boots in that color or grey. BTW I have send you an e-mail few days ago =) hope you can reply soon, or not sure if you reply all of your e-mails/fanmail?


    PS: my email is

  11. I love the boots you're wearing!! They remind me of the Isabel Marant ones I want!! I started an account with shoemint and I want these ones!!! Candy Wine size 8:) FYI I totally bought the dress from Bellalux after seeing it on you.


  12. I'm registered at almost all of the mint websites. If you haven't seen it, check out the strappy hour bracelet. I have made quite a few purchases on jewelmint but I would say that this is my favorite and that I fell in love with this piece right when I saw it. It's unique and different compared to other bracelets. The "buckle" is authentic and it looks as if it's a fish! Very cute and could be worn casually or even formally with other jewelry.

  13. And… I just realized that I provided a different email address then my and profile. hopefully this doesn't affect my chances to win!

  14. My favorite shoe on is the Cacee in black. You just can't go wrong with a timeless over-the-knee boot like these.

    My favorite jewelry piece on is the Diamond Bissou Wrap. It's the perfect combination of leather wraps and bling.

    Hope to win :)

  15. Love your jean and boots stable look! This look suites you the best because it really elongates your already long legs! Chic and casual comfort!

  16. love beachmint. anything gatsby, especially the earrings, is my favorite. if i wasn't such a klutz, i would have chosen the zoe heels, but taia in blush is a close second. thanks.


  17. FIVE pairs of shoes?! I'm dying! My favorite pair is the Lorena in blue! Such a stunner!

    Fingers crossed!!


  18. I love ShoeMint! It is a fantastic website that I became addicted to through JewelMint. My favorite piece has to be the Lucy boot. This is my go-to style shoe. I love a good ankle boot especially when it includes a little bit of fringe =]

    Emily Miller

  19. I love the GOLD LAMÉ NECKLACE on JewelMint and the the beautiful print on the Leslie heels on ShoeMint! Thanks you – [innocentmischief[at]hotmail[dot]com] =)

  20. Five pairs of shoes?! I think I just had a shoegasm, and the best kind there is. Ahh, dying due to too-tightly-crossed fingers!
    My fav pair could be the Adrienne, or the ones you have on. Very Marant.

  21. First of all, great sweater and love the gray fade on the denim!
    ok :) now onto my fav pieces

    ShoeMint: Rosegold Eileen, Gina, Debs, and Lorena

    Jewelmint: flora pendant, highnoon necklace, gypsy queen, birdcage bangle

  22. GOSH love it :D
    ShoeMint has this adorable Deanna and JewelMint has this Midas Ring that I absolutely love :D
    xo Noor
    noor.01234567 @

  23. Hi!

    I really like the Isabella shoe in brown from ShoeMINT

    PLEASE Pick me.

    My email is brown.khadijah@rocketmail. com

    Thanks & Great Post.
    I also follow you on Instagram.

  24. I'm loving the Adrienne pump because I love color blocking :)

    Thanks for this giveaway! I love ShoeMint <3

  25. I love those boots you're wearing!! :) Those are my favorite pair from Shoemint – It's called Candy! I've been eying them for quite a while now! :)

    Also, you sweater looks super comfy! I'm going after it too! :p

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  26. Oh, I've been a fan of both sites for a long time… They always have the best stuff for great prices. And yeah, I'm entering anyways —

    topcoatblog (at) yahoo (dot) com xx

  27. Hi Amy!

    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I absolutely love the Gina Strappy Wedges in Black as well as the Urban Tribe Necklace.

    Thank you so much for the chance! :)

    saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    — Nicole O.