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I took a few photos of my closet before I moved out of my old place. I converted a spare bedroom into a closet and with the help of Wesley Mason, built the whole thing ourselves reusing old bookcases and shelves that we’ve already had. The whole thing is actually detachable so I’m doing this all over again at my new place which I’ll share once it’s done!


I have too many bracelets so I use anything I can find as bracelet holders and the cheapest option I found was using wine bottles (I don’t drink, but Wesley Mason does!)
How do you store your jewelry?
P.S. If you haven’t seen my closet tour video, you can watch it here!
Happy almost end of the week! :)


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  4. I feel like your full length mirror is too small for this space. I hope you find a larger one that goes to the floor in your new space. I finally upgraded to a floor length mirror (from Ikea) and what a difference it has made! cheers.


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  6. Making your spare bedroom in to a closet is so genius. I think you should do a tour of just your jewelry. I see it on your different post but im so obsessed with jewelry id love to see it all together and know about each piece.

  7. love it <3

    The concept of my room is shabby chic lovely romantic. I put my bracelets in a vintage rose painted treasure box looking thing.
    My necklaces on a white tree necklace holder from UO and my earrings on a white bird cage and my other acc in a pink almost-trash bin looking canister I found to be the cutest ever. And then my studs on a diy-corkboard frame.

  8. I never thought of having a spare bedroom as a closet – we now know what is going to happen to my office I never use back in England when I move back from Los Angeles! Now I have had a walk in closet, there will be no going back to average ones for me now!

  9. sweeet closet. i like the idea of the wine bottles~
    i saw these clear acrylic bracelet stands and acryclic trays/cases at the container store, which I almost bought. As of now, necklaces are on this stand in the shape of a mannequin dressed in a gold gown, earrings on a harp shaped stand bought in the streets of seoul, and rings&bracelets; in little plates.

    ♥ Diana