Finally a Closet Tour Video

I’m so excited to share my first video that I (or Wesley Mason) made this year! I’ve gotten so many requests to do a closet tour so what better way to do it than a video? This was made really quick so definitely not perfect but hope you guys still enjoy! xo


  1. Oh wow!! You're one lucky girl! I want to live in your closet :D

  2. I AM LITERALLY CRYING AT THE HEAVEN THAT IS YOUR CLOSET. I can only dream to have a closet like that some day.

  3. I love this video, you're wardobe is really a dream and you are so pretty! <3


  4. You closet it amazing!
    I think you can say it's
    chaotic organized c: also
    nice home decoration like
    the dead animals and
    wine glasses!


  5. Your closet is awesome! So jealous!

  6. Oh wow your closet is AWESOME!!!

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  7. I want your closet!

  8. This is the greatest video I've ever seen lol
    Style in the City

  9. this is so cute!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  10. Bec

    Oh my god the doggies!! Especially at the end :) Beautiful design in there too A!

  11. Awesome awesome video! You did not show us your bags though! lol maybe part 2?!?

  12. X.

    Love it! Now wanna come do mine :)

  13. OMG absolutely amazing! It's a dream come true :) :)

  14. Omg! amazing!
    1. I love your closet .. it's very simple and I'm sure
    affordable for anyone to diy
    2. your dogs are so cute .. they made ur video extra cute
    3. lastly I think vlogging is your calling .. your personality is wonderful .. i think you should do
    more videos :)

    thanks for sharing.


  15. I am so jelly of your closet! LOVE all the shoes!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  16. How exciting!!! Did you turn a whole room into your closet or is that part of your room!!?


  17. I love this!!! I'm just having my room renovated and I've been really into these types of blog posts and videos. Definitely got a lot of tips from this that I'm gonna use for my own room and closet! Thanks for this! :)

  18. so amazing closet!
    thanks for share your video :)

  19. Enjoyed your video! You look as gorgeous on camera as in real life! Your closet is very stylish… and inspiring!


  20. OMG
    I made ​​a mistake :(
    I saw your video, I should not have seen
    because now I want a closet like that, but I can not
    enjoy a lot your closet ;)

  21. Oh thank you so much for sharing!
    I want a closet like that!!!

  22. love the video – and the wardrobe!

    xo danni

  23. Oh, I'm so in love with this video! I hope one day I'll have a similar's a dream *_*

  24. gosh – you are sooo charming

    two minds

  25. Oh my!!! I would LOVE to have this!!! You're dogs are so cute and you are so sweet! Thanks for sharing!! <3

  26. Wes did an amazing job shooting this video and I loved the point you made on how you spend more money on shoes and accessories. A plain outfit is good, but with the right accessories and shoes it will be considered stylish/fashionable.


  27. OMG love your closet and collection of shoes!! I hope one day to find a house that has a room dedicated to all my stuff. :) Great video!

    xo – Sheila

  28. I would die for a closet like yours!!! MY GOD… it is amazing!!

    xxx from Spain!

  29. Love your wardrobe its pretty amazing!!!

    Sandra Lucia

  30. Great video and great closet!
    And your dogs are too cute!


  31. SO fun!!! i made my husband make me a wardrobe room but i have yet to organize it. thank you for the inspiration!!!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  32. OMG, I'm so glad to watch you for your first video! And, wow your closet is so amazing and awesome! I want the same!!

    Théa Unknown

  33. I absolutely adore your wardrobe! I can't wait to have a walk-in closet of my own one day. And your shoe collection – to die for!

  34. I really enjoyed the video! Love to see you play with your cute dog and your closet is to die for!


  35. Shoe heaven! Your closet is paradise! Amazing! x

    Paint me in the landscape

  36. Your closet is amazing!
    And your dogs are too adorable.



  37. OMG, I'm in love with you closet space! Great collection of everything!!!

  38. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your closet, and this video is amazing. I thought I had a huge jewelry collection, but yours is amazing!

    xoxo, Leslie

  39. I LOVED this video. Your closet is seriously to die for!!!!!

  40. wow, girl, you do have a lot of clothes

  41. This is such an awesome closet! It is really you! Everything is just perfect in place, totally love this amazing video!

  42. LOVE this! Sooo cute, such a great video- thanks for sharing and do more!!

  43. FJ

    Who says this video isn't perfect. I definitely enjoyed every bit of it.

  44. Oh my lawd! I want your closet! :)
    Thank you for sharing!


  45. You are so sweet! I wish I knew you! Well, I feel like I do just a little:) But enough:)
    Thank you for sharing your sweetness!

  46. love your video and your AMAZING closet!!

  47. What a great job to display your beautiful clothes, shoes, and accesories, Aimee! I'm organize my closet by color too, but I like how you display your shoes and separate your dresses. I know it must be so much fun dressing up for the day especially with a gorgeous closet such as yours! Thank you so much for sharing!

  48. Really amazing and dreaming closet ♡

  49. OMG you are perfect everything looks perfect omg! I love your blog and i admire u a lot :) xx

  50. If I had a closet like that I would just live in it !

  51. wow, thank you for this pretty nice video!
    i love your closet and how you presented it. and i have to admit that im really jealous!
    have nice day! xoxo

  52. Loved this video! So much fun to hear you and to see your awesome closet. You have a ton of clothes!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  53. Eri

    I wish I could have a closet like yours… It´s very nice!

  54. Eri

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. gorgeous I love your closet. can I move in with you? lol

  56. Love your jewelry collection… And here's some more =))

    xo JANE xo

  57. OMG!!!!! What a dream!!!!! have fun with allllllllll that clothes ;) xoxo Cata*

    P.s- I am following you! Visit my blog at:

  58. Cool video , I absolutely adore yor doggies, the shoes are on the seconde place:))

  59. aren't you the sweetest!!! and boyyy what a closet you have. wish i could raid it sometime xx

  60. In love with all your clothes, shoes and jewellery. WOW

  61. Amazing closet! I would die for a closet like this! This video was too fun watch I highly suggest more!

  62. You literally have my dream closet in every aspect.

    Style Infatuation

  63. H,

    AMAZING video, you closet is truly a dream!!! I love the way you designed your dressing room <3

  64. Gurrrl the closet is crazy. Jealous like no other.


  65. Lucky girl! And thanks for sharing this space with us <3


  66. I don't comment often, but this video was incredibly cute, so I just had to let you know. The last bit with Charcoal and the alligator was my fave :)


  67. I think your closet is bigger than my bedroom. Color me jealous. It's gorrrrrg.

  68. you seem so nice and lovely!! And yes your closet is amazing =)

  69. I WANT YOUR CLOSET! (I'M NOT KIDDING, MINES IS JUST TOO SMALL!!!!) and I also love your accessories & shoe collection. Love your gold diana!!!!

    Kisses from Me, My fashion and I

  70. Amazing!! LOVE your closet! xo, Christina

  71. I'm in love with your closet! Especially your jewelry collection! :)

  72. loved the video. Your closet looks like a little boutique! you gotta do an apartment tour, i love your style.


  73. Your video is so cute and the closet AMAZING.

    I'm A Love Addict

  74. OMG, amazing closet for sure but how CUTE is Charcoal at the end of that video!!! O_O

  75. You are adorable! And so are your dogs!!

  76. I reallllllly love this aimee! so great and I adore all your lil' accessories, I wish I was your brother too so I can steal and borrow your stuff, I swear I do that with my sis, my wouldn't I? :) I've just posted up a new outfit post of me wearing a rather provoking organza biker, tell what you think ;)

    xx The Provoker

  77. you are most certainly organized! i like your sweater tip and the creativity (good hardware on bookcase, wine bottles and bookends for jewelry). your voice is a lot younger and girlier than i imagined too. thanks for the closet tour!

    pandaphilia fashion

  78. Loved the video!! Great little peak into your gorgeous closet! Loved seeing the dogs–they totally MAKE this video!

    Thanks for sharing!

  79. show us your boyfriend~
    I wish my bf would build me a nice closet like that~ :P


  80. Your closet is unbelievably gorgeous…did you make it out of a spare bedroom in your house? It's so roomy! I love your idea of putting accessories on different interesting objects like bookends and wine bottles.

  81. K

    Such a lovely video ! Congrats on first video !!
    Check out my blog

  82. SO AMAZING. You are adorable and your dogs are sooo cute! You've inspired me to organize my closet :)

    XO J

  83. I love this! And I love how you used wine bottles and glasses for your accessories!

  84. Your closet is absolutely astonishing! I only hope to have such an intriguing closet one day.

    Great Video
    -Kenneillia M.

  85. You are my idol! I'm obsessed with your style and adore your closet!

  86. Love the video Aimee! Your dog is too stinkin' cute!!

  87. Great tip about the sweaters. I'll keep that in mind.


  88. WWOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOW Soooooo Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! You and Wes Killed it!!! Your closet is stunnnnnnning!!! And sooooo cooool and you made it loooook phenom!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!! And Charcoal was sooooooo cute!!!!!!! Love you and kisses to the Puppies!!!!
    xoox Beckerman sistas xoxoxo

  89. Omg I actually just diedddddd for Charcoal and the taxidermied jaw lol!! The dogs might have stolen my heart more than your amazing closet here ;) you're so well spoken and lively: such a great video ;)!!!

  90. Love your closet!!! … Your pup playing with that alligator head is the cutest! lol


  91. OMG I wish I could be as organized as you… love your closet and your puppies :)


  92. ou have such a cute accent! where are you from?

  93. umi

    This video is really great.Your closet is really amazing and your dogs are cute!!

  94. such a cool closet, and your dogs are so cute. :)


  95. So awesome!!! Love the video. Wish I had your closet :D
    Your dogs are soooo cute. Looking forward to see more videos from you!!


  96. That was the cutest video ever!! That video make me love you even more!! I hope you do more of them!
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  97. Oh my god I love your closet, want one too!! Cute video :)

  98. Wow such a gorgeous closet!!
    Loving it!! And your shoe collection is adorable!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  99. Your closet is so big and organized! Super jealous of your shoe collection. Your dogs are super cute too!

  100. You're definitely the cutest bloger out there :). Love the video!


  101. Great video! I really like how you organized your closet! And your dogs are so cute!

  102. really very cool wardrobe!!

  103. BEYOND, BEYOND JEALOUS! Your Closet Looks Great, I'm Feeling Veeery Inspired!

  104. Great video! your dogs are so cute :)

  105. what an amazing room! I wish one day I have the same closet!! Btw, your blog is absolutely gorgeous:) Really love it! xoxo

  106. wow, both you and your closet are amazing!!


  107. Oh wow, Aimee! What a great video! I'm gonna watch it over and over again because it makes me dream and smile! Awesome work on the closet!


  108. Your closet is so nice! In love with all! ANd you're so lovely!
    by Marta Antolínez.

  109. OMG! Your closet is to die for!


  110. Evi

    You have the perfect closet! So jealous! Well done girl!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  111. I've seen so many pictures of your closet in the past couple of years but this video shows its true fabulousness! I'm glad to see that we think alike when organizing a closet! Amazing Aimee!

  112. Best post ever! Im so gonna tweet about this! ^^

    - True

  113. I have the same rug!! And you did such a great job of making a really cute video without being cheesy. Now I have total closet envy!


  114. Great video. Love how you have stored your amazing shoe collection.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  115. This video was so adorable! I loved the music and the way it was edited. Thank you for sharing your amazing closet! It just looks like every girl's dream to have a room sized closet filled with colors, accessories and a plethora of shoes!!! definitely one of my favorite posts from you :)


    Plums and Pearls

  116. WOW your wardrobe is AMAZING! I thought I had a lot of clothing…but my wardrobe looks small and pathetic now! haha! LOVE IT xx danii

  117. I really like this video. Great job!
    And I love your closet! I would die for that many clothes! <3

  118. Nice video. Thanks for sharing tips, tricks and inspiration!


  119. Awe this was really cute closet tour!!! I love the tips you gave for the sweaters (I always tend to hang some of my sweaters, now I won't :)) I love the fact that your closet is open and not closed. After seeing a few organizers like that at Ikea, I always told myself to want to do that if I ever get a studio or small space.

    The idea of putting your jewelry around a bottle of wine is great!!!
    your dogs are too cute too!!

    Just, Simply, Hanny


  120. Super jealous of your closet space! You definitely won't find that in NYC! Also love the idea of stacking bangles on wine bottles. Super cute and easy idea.

  121. cutest video ever! i should have guessed that your closet would be an accessories mecca. and that last shot of your dog pawing that gator is the best!


  122. Aimee!!
    You are like the cutest thing ever!
    I can't believe that you gave us a closet tour…I am ready to die over the amazingness of your closet.

    First things first though. Before I go on and on about how lovely your closet is, I just want to mention how nice it is to hear your voice! This was my first time ever hearing you speak and it was definitely quite a treat. You sound very sweet and genuine. :)

    Now onto that closet.
    Just the shoes alone are enough to incite major jealousy in me. I love everything you have in your closet as well as the way you organize it all. The shoe displays are too lovely (as are your shoes) and I really like the fun ways you display everything else. Accessories in wine glasses? Don't mind if I borrow that idea!
    Everything is just so colorful and organized but also a little bit random and assorted in the most delightful way.
    Your closet is so YOU! It's marvelous and wonderful and unique and just so special.

    So…when can I move into your closet?!
    Heehee :)
    I'm sure plenty of people are dying for your closet now!
    Thanks for sharing it with us, Aimee!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! <3


  123. Amazing Job, my favorite part is the shoe closet , i want one, my shoes are all over the place !!!!

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  126. :O OMG I LOVE YOUR CLOSET and video! :D
    You're one lucky girl!
    I'm following your blog, follow me too!

    With love,

  127. I'm so glad you posted this video, I love your closet organization and the tip you said about sweaters is very smart. My hangers always pull at the tops of my sweaters so now I guess I'll have to fold them up instead of hang them! thank you!

  128. Awwww I LOVE your closet room!! It is amazing Aimee!!!! SOoo cute with the Taxidermy

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  130. OMG THIS IS MY DREAM CLOSET! you're sooooooo lucky! love love love how you designed it and all the clothes! i'm speechless

  131. You have an amazing sense of style. Your closet is TO-DIE-FOR! I like that you use anything to store your jewels. The wine bottles and wine glasses are a very unique touch. │ My Life In Black+White

  132. Damn girl! That is one amazing closet! I actually really liked hearing you speak – got to see a different side to you which makes me want to be your bff! Shame I'm all the way over here in rainy England! x x

  133. Awww your dogs are so cute!
    You have a seriously killer closet, I don't know why but seeing everything colour co-ordinated makes me so happy :) xoxo

  134. That video was freaking adorable!! I loved getting a little more insight as to what you're like and into your style and decorating style! LOVED it :)


  135. ahmazing….. closet! love the shoes…. (and bags!!!!)

  136. i really enjoy the video! i want your closet xx

    Letters To Juliet

  137. Your wardrobe is amazing! Your so happy and cute. Loved this video.
    xx Tanya

  138. B.

    Of course I ADORE your closet but I also must say, this video is so amazing. You seem so sympathetic and natural and I really like that. Keep being like this :) xx

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  150. I am so jealous of your closet. :) I only have a little closet with no space. :( I definitely need to get some organization done in my room.

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