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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Running off of only 3 hours of sleep during the past two days as my schedule in Brazil is packed doing fun stuff with Schutz but also struggling with American Airline to put a claim against my lost/stolen laptop and jewelry box. I’m so frustrated by the lack of customer service, inconsistency (different people telling me different things) and lack of concern I’ve been receiving from American Airline. However, the only thing that puts a smile to my face is the amazing people I have met in Brazil and the girls that I came to Schutz with.
Today, besides going to the airport at 6am in the morning to deal with American Airline (nothing was solved and got back to my hotel at 11am. #fml) I had two different fun photo shoots individually and with the girls (Kelly, Jane, Shea) with Elle Brazil and Glamour Brazil. After the shoots, I was able to finally sneak an outfit photo (thanks Shea and Juliette!) after lunch and after a long day I’m finally managing to update the blog with a borrowed laptop!
(with Susana, the editor of Elle Brazil. I borrowed her leather jacket during the shoot and did not want to give it back)
P.S. Just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have left me comments and also for those who have tweeted to American Airline. I’m sure I’ve been spamming your twitter feeds with my angry and frustrated tweets towards AA but you’ve guys have been so supportive and I’ve never felt so loved like the past couple of days! Thank you so much! <3 p=”p”>
Denim Vest/Trench from my friend June
Yoana Baraschi c/o the hot Shop PR Girls
J Brand Jeans (thanks, Beth!)
Ippolita Mini Lollipop Pendant Necklace
Albeit Triangle Necklace
Celine Heels


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  9. Hi! I really like your blog. You're an inspiration for me to always try to achieve more and it would mean the world if you checked out my blog! I just started but i'm really exciting and if you have a chance then here it is…
    Thank you vey much :D

  10. Been catching up on all my unread blogs and noticed that you are wearing a similar outfit to what I wore the night before!! How funny… great minds Aimee… great minds!!!


  11. I'm really, really sorry about your laptop and jewelry box! How weird that only the valuable things get "lost"?? I hope it turns out good eventually, and your trip to Brazil will be remembered for the great expiriences and not for the AA's lack of service!
    I must say I really, really like your outfit. Especially how the sleeve openings (I don't really know how it's called, hope I can explain))) look raw, as if you cut the sleeve of the jacket yourself!


  12. Hi! I have recently discovered You and I immediately fell in love with Your blog!
    You are adorable girl wearing amazing clothes. You look like a good person too.

    Kisses from Poland

  13. i really hope you get your belongings back!! can't believe how bad they are with customer service..horrible!! remind me to never fly with them!

    Laura x

  14. aimee i'm obsessed with that denim vest! i saw it in a store and now seeing it on you i want it even more. but goodness knows i don't need another chambray shirt…

    i hope aa figures something out for you cuz it just ain't cool.

    and you know we love hearing you talk, even if you're angry haha


  15. I am hearing that a lot about Airlines — I will be sure to not take American Airlines anywhere. Virgin is always a good rid sand clean and no drama. SOrry to hear they are not being helpful!

  16. UGH, I know exactly what you mean about AA. On both to AND from New York they didn't put my luggage on my flight. And then they told me they'd deliver it at a certain time, but it would take them at least two days longer. Can't stand them.

    On a positive note, you look gorgeous, haha! Have fun in Brazil!