Ruffles and Lace

Sundays are so precious to me these days. I slept in a bit, hung out with my three dogs (I’m currently dog sitting one of my mom’s dogs) and biked around LA with Wesley Mason. 
Don’t my top and shorts look like they were meant for each other? I really love this ruffled top from Insight so much that I wore it two days straight (see here) and want to keep wearing in over an over because it’s just so much fun! As for my shorts… you know how much I love denim shorts, and my lace shorts, so both in one? How could I resist?

Insight Liberty Cami (also on sale)
Free People Lace Cut-off Shorts
Steve Madden Sandals stolen from Dani Song
Albeit Triangle Necklace
Maya Brenner California Necklace (also in silver)
Ray Ban Aviators


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  2. I love this look!
    The lace shorts are so adorable and girly, and the frilly top times its cuteness. :)

    Sienna x

  3. I love the photos they are so cute as well as the outfits

  4. Nice outfit !!!! love the sandals !!


  5. Love stopping by for some daily inspiration. I relate a ton to your style and taste, I think you would agree… maybe visit me for a dose of inspo. Going to FABB this Sept? Good luck in future endeavors!



  6. Oh yes, this outfit is amazing! Lace and Jeans? Could anything be more perfect? xx

  7. Just as always – easy and sunny. Luv the way u dress, so inspiring and free.
    And oh bicycle – my latest obsession! Summer – here you go bicycles, rollerskates and skate)

  8. I was reading this post and then your previous post, and thinking: Well, you and steal your bf's clothes but he definitely can't steal yours haha :)

  9. Love your outfit! People should wear more outfits like these on bikes (and subsequently less lycra)

  10. It's a great billowy outfit to wear when bike riding.It must have been quite comfortable and cooling on a hot day. I wish I had a bike like that.

  11. I really love both of these pieces!
    Firstly, I'm really into ruffles at the moment as they are so feminine and add a delicate touch to any outfit and of course lace is always great!
    What a great look you have here~
    I would wear the shirt many times as well!

  12. the lace trim on your shorts are so cute! and that is one awesome bike..i love the colour!

    Laura x


  13. Oh gosh…that bike is adorable! I really wish I had one like that.
    Anyways, the top and bottom really do look like they're made for one another. I like how light and feminine the top is. (:
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  14. You look great, perfect summer look. and such a coincidence, i had exactly the same title on a post a couple of weeks ago!

  15. you look divine babe! and love your sandals too, perfect pop color in this classic outfit!