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Major Closet Inspiration

(Above:My own closet that I built with major help from Wesley Mason)
One of my favorite design projects to do is designing and building closets and when the client is extremely stylish, it makes the job that much more fun and also very hard at the same time. I’m currently working on my newest client and good friend Chriselle’s closet and here are some closet inspiration that I’ve gathered on my pinterest. Which one is your favorite? Also, if you could design your own dream closet, what are some major things you’d want?
All image via my Pinterest


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  1. These are all fabulous! Every woman and even every man will surely die for these gorgeous closets. I have to say, of all these, my absolute favorite is the fifth example. I just love the overall atmosphere and that floor-to-ceiling window even the closets Bergen is just awesome. I also adore how cool and relaxing the third example is. It is also very minimalistic yet stylish in several aspects. Thank you for all these photos. These are just inspiring.

  2. I must say, that is one organized closet! Mine is a mess… I mean I have no idea how to organize it! I just hang them wherever I can.. :/ not a very clever method…
    I don't like to fold my to hang them! (I'm that lazy! Everything has to be visible (if not behind a curtain or door) and easy to get!

  3. I'm definitely jealous of your own closet! Mine at home is really small and cramped, so the one trick I've learned is hangers that can hang on each other (you can then fit four shirts in the space of one)! It works really well for me, of course if your clients have the luxury of a larger closet no need to worry about it.

  4. I wish I could have a walk in wardrobe, my life would be complete! Space for shoes is the most important thing, lots and lots of it!

    I am very jealous of your wardrobe by the way, all the colours and beautiful clothes!


  5. Oh, wow, I LOVE the paper in that fourth shot. How gorgeous.

    My own closet? Well, I think what I'd need before I asked for anything else is rather more room. Hard to do much in a NYC apartment closet!

  6. these are so nice wardrobes! I like the first one the most, maybe because
    in this one are the most clothes and it dosnt look as expensive as the others…

  7. Oh my god, I think I love every single closet you posted. I think my next appartment will have the size of these closets, but I know some day I will have one like these :) xx

  8. Love these inspirations! A great closet for me would definitely need a lot of good shoe and bag space, jewelry drawers, plus hanging space for all the delicate things that can't be folded. Just a questions about putting shoes on shelves – do you clean them first or put down something on the shelf to protect it from dirt & marks?
    Love your own wardrobe – it looks pretty perfect! :)

    B x

  9. Indeed really inspiring pictures! I must say, there are so many things you can do with a closet, whether it is walk-in or not! Personally, I enjoy keeping the colors light, since I feel a closet is like the white canvas – neutral.

  10. i love your closet & its organization. something important for me in a closet is having a lot of hanging space. i'm not very good at folding, so things that aren't hanging need to be put behind & not shown. in my dream closet there would be a large jewelry stand for all of my necklaces to hang & enough wall space for all of my shoes to be on display

  11. I actually really like the way u did ur closet more so than the inspiration photos. I think it's because yours has more light and you can see everything in one place more or less. Your shoe display is my fave. Really cool how u displayed the boots sideways which adds more perspective. I would def install TONS of shelf space for my shoes. Right now they're all over the place, downstairs, upstairs, in boxes… Cool post darlin. Please show us ur chriselle-closet-makeover when it's done!

    Xoxoo Diana

  12. That picture is giving me a serious case of closet-envy, your closet is GORGEOUS. And, if I could have someone build my custom-closet, I'd like it to be all in white (to look bigger and airy), very organised (with shelves and drawers for certain purposes). I love the jewellery organisation in this post, it's dreamy!