White Before Labor Day

(Ray Ban Aviators, H&M; Shirt, Zara Jeans, Cole Haan Flats, Botkier Valentina Bag)

I purchased these flats the last day I was in New York. I actually bought these for my sister but borrowed them and don’t want to give them back because they are so light and comfortable!


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  2. lovely outfit! i adore your bag and shoes!! if you want look my new post on my blog!
    I'll wait you, have you a nice evening <3

  3. Nice shoes!

    I'd like to send you an elite member invitation to StyleHills. Give me a shout @innovie

    – L


  4. you have THEE most amazing style ever.
    i think you look good in ANYTHING.
    I'm obsessed with those shoes and jeans.

    have an amazing weekend :)
    tiana of l'esthetique

  5. looks so candid Aimee. those aviators rock the look again in white. I think this is the first time I've seen you in those flats, more like sneakers ay~ they look really practical for everyday wear =)

    Style Hostess

  6. This outfit is amazing… I use this word carefully due to its intense usage these days =).. but this is major SWAG!

    Love the flats, love the ombre jeans.


  7. This might sound bad but I don't think you should give them back either! They're really cute. I love this entire look, the accessories go so well together!

    Shop Vintage!

  8. i love your jeans and you look so comfortable in the whole outfit!

    please check out my blog!!
    i design some brass rings and they are for sell here

    :) thank uuuuu

  9. Hello,Amy
    this is Min from CeCi magazine.
    I sent you press request via email. Thank you :-D


  10. i love love love your style!!
    it's the first time i post to a fashion blog but i couldn't resist!
    your bag is very cute! ;)

  11. I am dip dying a shirt, just like you jeans this very moment. That, and studding, and painted, and sewing… I can't stop DIYing! Ha Ha.

    You look great, as always!

    ☮ Lisa Ann

  12. I love this entire look- the arm candy, shoes, and bah! and plus, those jeans are pretty awesome!


  13. super cute outfit!

    i love how your pale pink bag and brogues with hints of neon add a little spunk to a mostly white outfit!

    those are some really cute jeans :) love the reverse dip dyed effect.

    you somehow always manage to have the perfect arm party going on!!