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Levi’s Curve ID x Aimee Song

Last year, I had the honor of filming this great video with Levi’s for their Curve ID system and it’s finally online! The crew was so funny so I obviously had a blast filming this. Hope you guys enjoy this little video and make sure to stop by Levi’s to find out your Curve ID!


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  2. Oh. So nice to hear your voice and see you in a video. I've only read your blog and watched the pictures before. And I have to say.. You are even more endearing (spelling?) in motion. Oh my god, you seem SOOO nice! I love your voice and your smile, you seem like such a kind and cool person. Keep going!! :)))

    Hugs from Sweden!

  3. Love the outfits! Will you post images of them?

    I also have to say that you really are such a cute, Aimee! I often find that many bloggers seem like tools in their videos cos it seems like the whole fashion thing just got into their head too much. but you are a really inspiring person, both in style and actions!

    Much love

  4. I just saw this advertisement video on a whim on Hulu.com! It was a fun surprise because I've been following your blog for awhile, and it has been such an inspiration to help me better understand my personal fashion choices. Congrats on the video and all your successes!

  5. Aimee, you're one of the cutest bloggers ever!
    It's been a while since I found your blog and I followed you since that moment (although I think I've never commented before). You're one of those people that look so so nice on pictures but even better in videos.
    I've loved this one with Levi's.
    By the way, you have my dreamed job!!! and I love that you do the "hard" work too and still look so stylish :)


  6. aw i love this video!! its great to hear you talk and be so down to earth. your blog is so popular I always think of you as a celeb but its nice to hear about your job and that you're just a normal girl :) xx