Floral Ride

The slightly boxy fit of this crop tee makes it less intimidating to wear and no, I don’t always skateboard in skirts but the flower print of this cropped tee was screaming to be taken on a ride on this sunny day.


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  1. im liking the print on that shirt, it reminds me of an old janpanese print/ painting.

    ive just followed you. ive been a regular reader for a couple of years but i didnt have a blog lol

    you post the the inspiring things.


  2. I loved this outfit till I got to the shoes! What is up with those, I hope it was because you were skateboarding lol. I well, you seem to pull it off anyway!

  3. Your skirt! I am absolutely in love with how you paired it with the crop top! The pattern on the crop top is simply amazing!

  4. I love this skirt, it's perfect. Amazing color and form. Bracelets on your left hand look really cool, I like accesories like that.

  5. As always, your laid-back, west coast-inspired style inspires me! I love this look, especially the skirt!


  6. omg! I am flipping out over the print on your crop top! It is so amazing! What is it? It looks kinda like trees or blue coral!