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After Tibi

3THE CUT(BB Dakota Faux Fur Vest, gifted Jarlo Floral Blazer, Anarchy Street Sweater, Jean Paul Gaultier for Target dress, Givenchy Bag, Burberry Wedges)
These were taken after the Tibi show, which was absolutely amazing btw. The first image was taken by Lee Oliveira whom I’ve been following forever on instagram only to find out he’s been following me on instagram too. The second image was taken by the lovely Tamu from All the Pretty Birds. I’ve been following Tamu’s blog for the longest time and it was definitely surreal when she knew who I was.
Btw, did you know that this was my first time seeing snow fall from the sky? Growing up in LA, I’ve only seen snow on the ground when snowboarding at the mountains but never have actually seen it fall from the sky.


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  1. Unbelievably jealous of the fact that you were given the opportunity to attend NYFW and to spectate the wondrous Tibi show. The collection was so beautiful.

    Your outfit is equally as aesthetic. I adore every minute detail, from the cobalt blue fox tail hanging from your patent Givenchy bag to the brash bursts of colour from your dress, jumper and red jacket. You're well ahead of next season's trends as, you've probably already noticed, that oriental floral designs dominated the runways.

    Enough crap, love this.

  2. the colour pop for this outfit is splashing wonderful! gotta say I really agree with the 2nd pic. say, I think you stole a lot of people's attention ^^

    PS. never knew it snows in LA as well. must be a pretty as new experience. the blue foxtail really suits the whole outfit, and the day too :D
    Style Hostess

  3. You look beautiful, as always! I love the combination of different colors, patterns and textures. It's an incredible mix!

    Watching snow fall is what I consider some kind of beautiful. I saw it the first time when I visited my sister, who went to college in the Midwest, when I was very young. It was the coldest day that I could possibly remember, but a wonderful feeling to watch the snow come down. It's a very peaceful kind of rush, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. wow! I love this look! so colorful! ♥ I live in Poland so I see snow fall from the sky every year in winter but I think that must be nice experience seeing something like this for the first time :) kisses