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This week was the busiest week I’ve had so far so I was unable to take daily outfit photos for my blog. Thankfully, I had my iPhone so I instagramed a few outfits and random things around my apartment! If you’re on instagram, follow me at songofstyle!
Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. what a beautiful outfit!I'm in love with the skirt and the jacket!checo out my blog if you want!

  2. I think that 1st outfit is my all time favorite look of yours :) looks soooooo good! Those shoesies are so delicious!!


  3. I'm so obsessed with instagram. it' the only thing i miss about having an iphone. getting an ipod touch has been on my wishlist since august for the sole purpose of getting instagram lol. i need to make that happen one of these days soon! esp before summer!

  4. beautiful imagery and i will make sure to take a peek at your instagram pics. love how the sun rays were captured in the second photo!

  5. I love those shorts and your bracelets, aimee! Haha your instagram pics look great, you should continue to do them every now and then, especially during those busy weeks.


  6. Where are the p(leather) shorts you are wearing in the last photo from!? I love the 5 pocket style and the higher waist!

  7. you have a very beautiful collection of jewelry, especially the seastar bracelet. I saw i once in an online shop, but forgot about it. were is it from? can you help me?yours annka from