Psychedelic Blue

(Forever 21 Military Jacket, Torn by Ronny Kobo Dress, Isabel Marant Gava Pumps, Alexander Wang Bag, gifted Swarovski Octea Watch)
I’m not a fan of tight dresses and the only tight outfit I don’t mind wearing is my wetsuit whenever I go surfing. However, the print and the color of this dress was too good to pass up so I toughened the look up with my good ol’ military jacket.


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  1. This whole look is amazing! I especially love how you toned it down with the military inspired jacket! The bright friendship bracelets are such a fun element to your whole look!

    <3 P

    Cupcaking Around!

  2. everything about this look is exceptionally done. love the shoes, love the jacket pairing, love the dress print and color, love the wrist merchandising.

    emily of ditto


  3. Beautiful dress, and I'm pretty sure I already said it but I LOVE THOSE SHOOOOES! x)



  4. Been wanting a skirt in this sort of print for ages. looks amazing on you hun. Especially with those stunning shoes xx

  5. I'm not a fan of tight dresses either, but this definitely looks amazing! I think prints make all the difference when you wear a tight dress. Looks great with the military jacket and those shoes!!! Great style as always, dear! xx


  6. Wow! Lovethe combination of that blue and the military jacket! Super cool, girl xoxo

  7. You should wear tight clothes more, you definitely have the banging' bod for them!


  8. I think I noticed that print in a few prefall collections. Nothing a good anorak cannot fix when dealing with super skin tight pieces. Looks amazing x

  9. You are too stylish with this outfit.
    Nice dress.


  10. I loved the way you combined that elegant dress with that more casual Parka! The result is SO modern!!!Love the heels!!!sexy!

  11. If you had worn only the dress I would have tought that it's not your style, but the military jacket gives the "Aimee style" ;)

    The watch is so so beautiful!

    Un besito!

  12. Adding a military jacket not only toughens the look but is also a great way to make this dress more of an everyday piece. Love the look.

  13. Hey beautiful, can I ask you where your arm swag is from? Love you watch and friendship bracelets? cxx