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Light, feminine, with a bohemian touch, this house is just so lovely and would make the perfect beach house. I’m really loving the balance between rustic and femininity and that view? When can I move in?
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  1. I am quite obsessed with the black and white looks that are added with a touch of lavender and blues. It's very subtle but adds a big statement.

  2. Always love these posts, although they make me yearn for my own place to decorate to my heart's desire.

  3. Hi Aimee,

    Love the decor. It's so laid back and cozy. I wish our place looked like that. Have an awesome weekend! Love,
    G and K

  4. I always love it when you post interior decorating photos. BEAUTIFUL!


  5. That fireplace is gorgeous!
    I'm really liking balck and whites right now with pops of colour, like the lilac in the first photo.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful spaces! :)

    Much love, Vivi