Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

New York Fashion Week So Far

(Vintage Hat, Anarchy Street Gillian Cut-out shirt, Urban Outfitters Plaid Jeans, Isabel Marant Gava Pumps, Chanel Bag)
Had an amazing time at the Concept Korea presentation yesterday (review coming soon) and was so honored to be there to support the very talented Korean fashion designers, as a fellow Korean (for those who always wondered, I’m mostly Korean and part Japanese.)
It’s definitely an awesome experience being able to attend different shows and see all of these amazing designers and models in person. I can’t wait to share more of my pictures and reviews of my favorite shows, soon!


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  1. We love all these looks. Great inspiration and colors!
    Absolute respect the bold colors and style!!

  2. This is the best and wildest outfit ever! Love it from head to TOES!

    You're awesome mixing colours and prints!


  3. im glad that you are the one to be repping koreans because you have killer style. i love the play on print and i love those shoesss

  4. wow. this is by far my favorite look on you. Love the monochromatic look with the playful print combinations.


  5. This outfit really keeps my eyes on you in the best way possible! the patterns are intense but still so wearable, thanks for the inspiration

  6. Love the plaid on plaid look, Aimee!!! so lucky you get to go to NYFW, only way I got to go 3 yrs ago was interning for Rebecca Taylor :/ I miss the glitz and the rush backstage and also the chaos

  7. You know from all the fashion blogger's I follow you probably got the best sense for fashion.
    I mean you wear outfits like this, mixing prints and colours like there is no tomorrow and it always looks so effortless and chic :)
    Nobody is able to wear so much plaid and still look this good :)

  8. Very different look from you, very blue, very cool. I think its the pants..not used to not seeing your legs:)

  9. hi beauty! this pairs of pants is amazing, i've seen you with chiara ferragni, your outfit (with the yellow dress) was perfect!

    xoxo from france

  10. This is such an awesome outfit. Those trousers are so badass!!!! I love the top and bottom combo and your bag is beautiful. Great post! <3

  11. Looking blue and amazing! You are rocking those plaid pants and I'm still in love with those Isabel Marant heels. Keep up the good posts! Wish I was in NYC.

    xo Baz from blogging from Sydney.

  12. great outfit !

    all these blue tones really works well with that purple hat. You always choose great outfit combinations!

  13. Oh dear, you look like a dream in this blue outfit! I also love your hat and your sweet smile!!!!!! Killer pumps!