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Moroccan Wedding Blankets

I’ve always wanted a Moroccan Wedding blanket even before I knew what it really was. They’re absolutely beautiful and can be placed anywhere from the floors, to your bed (like it’s originally intended) or on your wall as an art piece! If you have $700 + to spend, you can purchase them here. For now, these images will do for me!
Images via here and here


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  1. Wow, those blankets are beautiful! I love all the little details, it looks as if someone spilled a whole jar of (what are they actually? applications? buttons? let's say applications.) applications on the blanket in the 3rd pic, so cool!

    Love, Lisa

  2. i'm moroccan living in casablanca, i've so many carpets like this, that you can use on your wall, your bed…but the price is so so excessive..i've bought it for like 200 dhs – 22 euros…
    if you want it i sell some moroccan things..