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Moroccan Wedding Blankets

I’ve always wanted a Moroccan Wedding blanket even before I knew what it really was. They’re absolutely beautiful and can be placed anywhere from the floors, to your bed (like it’s originally intended) or on your wall as an art piece! If you have $700 + to spend, you can purchase them here. For now, these images will do for me!
Images via here and here


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  1. That cover on the bed is just perfect! Love this post!
    Follow each other? :)


  2. I have a Moroccan wedding blanket from a trip to Morocco several years ago! (one of my favorite trips of all time) These photos are beautiful.

  3. i felt in love with all of this pics, the third one is incredible, also the bathroom!
    i love your blog and style!
    besos from buenos aires!

  4. I don't only want a maroccan wedding blanket! I want the entire bedroom from the first picture!! is amazing!!

    See you and have a great day :)

  5. So beautiful! And I've never even heard of these.. well now I have and I'm on the hunt! Thanks for sharing.. love the blog.

  6. I want one when I get my own place! Might have to start saving up now ha, great blog :) x

  7. I LOVE them !! Have been looking for one at a more reasonable price…still searching !


  8. It's a beautiful piece. I would have it, the blanket, in a all-white room and it would be enough. It would turn a simple room into a chic and edgy one.

  9. Wow, these do look fabulous! It's the first time I'm seeing them, but I like the idea of using one as a rug. I'm wondering now why they're called "wedding" blankets and what's the traditions there. Off to try to find out! :)

  10. Wow, those blankets are beautiful! I love all the little details, it looks as if someone spilled a whole jar of (what are they actually? applications? buttons? let's say applications.) applications on the blanket in the 3rd pic, so cool!

    Love, Lisa

  11. i'm moroccan living in casablanca, i've so many carpets like this, that you can use on your wall, your bed…but the price is so so excessive..i've bought it for like 200 dhs – 22 euros…
    if you want it i sell some moroccan things..

  12. Oh I love it! Doesn't look very comfy and soft to use it on the bed but absolutely gorgeous.