Inspiration Interior Design

Girls Only in This Area

What a seductive space…..
It’s quite over the top but absolutely amazing.


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  1. AMAZING decor!! I especially love that pink chair!! This is great!! Can't wait to see more :D

    xoxo Eva @

  2. Oh man, this is amazing. You just have to look every little detail in that home because even in the some kind of dark corner, there is something extra interesting item.

  3. Usually I'm more comfortable in more simple environments… like a room with a bed and chair and nothing more. But this is gorgeous! Books on the floor, misplaced lampshades… The bathroom is my fave.

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  5. Definitely over the top but really gorgeous !! Love the first room and the silver bathtub !


  6. Wow that is one beautiful bath. Makes you wanna get in it with bubble bath and chocolate, right?! Really is for girls only.
    Love the inspiration!

  7. I love the floor and the black windows! And of course the bathroom, not very practical but it's beautiful!

    Un besito!

  8. i LOVE the interior design posts on your blog (maybe beacuse we have similar taste…) ;-) you should do them more often ;-) x