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(Anarchy Street Necklace, Ani Chain Tank, Bimba & Lola Starfish Cuff, Zara Orange Pleated Skirt, Joe’s Jeans Brenda Wedges, Botkier Bag Coming Soon)

I’m currently suffering a too much sun attack illness because I fell asleep on the rooftop pool of my hotel on my last day. I’ve been feeling dizzy ever since I got back and have been sleeping nonstop. Can’t believe I’m feeling sick after coming back from paradise. These pictures were taken before the sun attack and I’ve learned the importance of SPF. I swear, I put on SPF 30 but apparently it’s not enough for the strong Miami sun. Gotta get my hands on SPF 70!
Hope you guys have a lovely week!!


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  1. I'm from Miami so I know how hot this FL sun can get. You might be dehydrated from all that sun exposure so drink lots of water to replenish all the fluids lost. looking fab!

  2. Hey!

    Great color blocking. I swear, you can find anything to wear with those Joe's wedges. Love em!

    Sorry to hear you got cooked in the Sun. SPF 30 is already a good number to use. I heard anything after 30 is just the same b/c it ends up coming off in the heat. As long as you keep reapplying SPF throughout the day, you'll be okay. I'm a little ocd about skincare and have a slight skin cancer phobia..haha

  3. Amazing color combinations. That skirt is just perfect! :) I hope you feel better. i'm realizing that the sun is my enemy as my skin and I grow old together. 70+ spf is my new best friend. Stay young and slather on the sunblock!

  4. You usually have so many great comments on here that I feel like I would be stupid to try to "out-comment" someone, but seriously I love this look and have to say so. Hope your sun sickness gets better!