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My San Francisco Apartment

While I try to decide how I want to decorate my new apartment in Los Angeles, I thought I’d share a few pictures of my old San Francisco apartment. Unfortunately, I didn’t decorate much as I was always busy with work and school and hardly spent any time at my little tiny studio apartment but my favorite area was this one wall where I displayed my favorite shoes and a bench I had designed and built. It also happens to be Charcoal’s favorite spot.
More its and bits of my San Francisco apartment Here


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  1. The design and arrangement of your room is perfect for minimalist living! Having shelves assembled in a vertical position can save space and can allow you to place your stuff in a proper order by simply utilizing the walls.The simplicity of the interior design makes your room an elegant and comfortable place to live in.

    Clinton Larocque

  2. I love the subtle animal theme/motif going in the entire apartment. I have to agree with Christian – the stark white of the walls makes the place looks so neat and clean. Joachim also made a great point about the minimalist design being ideal for the size of your unit. That bespoke bench is brilliant, by the way! Congratulations on your move to LA!

    Lakisha Zimmerer

  3. I love how clean your apartment looks. I think it has to do with the white. It’s so clean and pristine that it makes the entire apartment seem open and airy. When walls are that white, it’s best to keep décor to a minimum to keep that uncluttered theme and feel going. I’m also loving the green frame of the mirror because it really pops above the light blue gray of the pattern behind it.

    Christian Hou

  4. Since your apartment was a studio unit, meaning it was small, it was better that there wasn’t a lot of decoration. Besides, the minimalist style is totally popular nowadays! That accent chair underneath the open shelves is pretty cool, actually. It really draws the eye.

    J. Wang

  5. i was reading your blog from the most recent posts.. so i didnt realize until now that you moved to la and weren't visitng! welcome to la! i live in la but from the sf area, so it's exciting to see your style in both places with the weather change and all!! :) look forward to more posts

  6. Your apartment is/was wonderful, and inspirational! Everything is so bright and airy, and I love that you incorporated your favorite shoes as part of the decor :)

    I'm trying to decorate my own tiny SF studio right now – it's tough incorporating new, unique pieces with my existing Ikea furniture (yay for college furniture =p), while avoiding clutter at the same time!

  7. I just came across your blog for the first time, its really great! Your SF apartment is so charming and full of character, with great splash of colour!

  8. what a fabulous little display of your shoes! great job with the picks too, all of the shoe colors work so well with your decor. i can't wait to see the photos of your new place!

  9. I'm sure its not intentional, but gotta mention: its considered extremely disrespectful to put shoes in front of Indian gods or any other for that matter. Thought you should know. Lovely house though.

  10. it looked great ! love the idea of putting shoes on shelves ! <3 the guitars :D your dogg looks a bit scary tbh ^^ xo

  11. where are those pink shoes from? they're BEAUTIFUL!
    i also love that bench

  12. I luv ur interior idea but I think it will be nice if u please remove d picture of Lord Ganesh from d rack as it is placed with all d shoes.He is 1 of d Gods we worship…so it will be more respectful.Its a very courteous plead!:)

  13. This looks like a photo spread in a Home-Decor magazine! I love the simplicity of it all. There doesnt seem to be much clutter!
    That wooden bench seat is fab- although it doesnt appear that comfortable, it looks great. Similar to a pair of stunningly-uncomfortable shoes!

    Love xx

  14. haha screw the lovely houses you'e always posting on your blog! this beats all of that by 10000 I swear. it's absolutely and straight up beautiful.
    the colors, the intricate and unique furniture pieces, and the collection of shoes? damn girl you have taste.


  15. Gosh your apartment's beautiful! I like how you placed the shoes, they're like mini sculptures :)

  16. Wow, your old apartment is gorgeous! I love how your shoes are on display like art (because they totally are, of course). What kind of guitar? Good luck with decorating your LA apartment! I'm sure it'll be stunning.

  17. I love everything about your apartment… putting your shoes on display alongside with your favorite items was genius. Been a follower of your blog for quite some time, but didn't make my mark until now. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  18. That bench is insanely nice and even greater because it's under rows of gorgeous shoes!

  19. This is so inspiring,
    What a great idea to mix gorgeous shoes as art pieces on the shelves!


  20. I never thought to make shoes a decorative piece on the walls, but it looks great! If only I had really nice shoes to display, haha.

    Style Soufflé

  21. I love your style girl! I have been inspired by your SF chic studio flat and have posted some interior shots in my new blog. I am an Architect that loves fashion too! I would love for you to check it out and give me some feedback xx

  22. Love how your old apartment was decorated! Ooh and YES I want all of your shoes please! Thanks :)
    Can't wait to see some pics of your LA apartment when it's ready :)


  23. Beautiful decorations, I think it's great to have a piece you designed and built(!) yourself. Charcoal looks very comfy lying on it)
    Waiting to see your LA apartment! good luck with settling down.

    Tali for Fetishist's Notes

  24. You did a WONDERFUL job decorating your old apartment. I hope you share your new apt when you're all settled.

    Also, you know I love that bench! I hope you brought that with you to LA.

    Also also, I guess I missed when you moved to LA? How long have you been there?

  25. Your dog is so cute and the apartment looks great. I look forward to seeing your newly decorated digs.

  26. Fantastic bench! You're very talented! I always admire people that are this crafty. Love the space and some very nice pieces there!

  27. Love that DIY wall decal babe! I'm sure as renters you're always trying to find the latest and greatest in design and decoration that's easy to apply and remove when the time comes…this is such a great idea! Charcoal sure is loving mama's bench…Hope to see the rest of the space in a future post!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  28. I absolutely love it!! Very clean, organized, and light! On a side note San Francisco is such a nice city, just went there for the first time not too long ago and loved it :) xoxo

  29. absolutely beautiful. And I can't stop scrolling back to look at your dog's teeth. haha! So cute!

  30. What breed is your cutie Charcoal? My dog Timmy is 25% Chihuahua, and 75% Maltese and they look like they could be twins! :)

  31. Really cute!!!! love ur shoes in a bookshelf! I like a lot your style and follow u since the beginning!!!


    Please! try to visit my new blog, u will like it!!!!! thanks so much!!!!!!

  32. The apartment is beautiful. Cant wait till im older to design my own

  33. oh my!!!did you design and build that bench????amazing!!!very very nice apartment!xx

  34. haha i love how you say you didnt get much time to decorate yet it looks beyond amazing!!!!! cannot wait to see what you do with your new apartment because i undoubtedly expect it to look amazing. that bench you designed is super sweet too.x

  35. That bench is so beautiful! I love the design! Also love the color scheme of your bedding, really pretty :)