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Erin Fetherson’s Paris Flat vs. New York Loft

Above: Erin’s Paris Flat
Below: Erin’s New York Loft
Her flat in Paris has so much architectural charm and her loft in New York might not have much architectural detailing but makes up for it with the beautiful furnishings. You can see how Erin brought some of her furnishings from her Paris flat to her New York loft such as the chandelier and the antique bench. Both spaces are definitely whimsical and very romantic, just like her pretty self!
Which of her apartments do you prefer?
Images via Habitually Chic & Vogue


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  1. I much prefer the NY flat. The Paris one… the architectural details PLUS the old furniture is just too much for me!

  2. They are both incredible. But if I could I'd move that NY apartment to Paris…so I could be in Paris of course :)

  3. I must say I'm more into a loft as that retro/vintage architecture is not my favourite. The old loft looks cooler and it can be easier transformed.
    Not a critique, just my preference :)

  4. Both are absolutely STUNNING! Although I think I prefer the NYC loft, it seems a little 'cleaner' somehow, and I love the warm colours…that Chinese screen is 2D4!

  5. I'm a big fan of the french one. It just suits my taste so much better and I think it suits her so much more as well!
    The NY loft is a bit too dark for my taste

  6. I love them both but I have to go with New York. It looks so comfy.

  7. Both spaces are oozing with style, but that Parisian flat has always been the lifestyle that I've longed for….period detailing, louis chairs, that gorgeous daybed! My heart belongs to Paree :D

    Thx for sharing Aimee!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  8. I am so in love with the double window in her new york flat, so beautiful.

    x Camilla