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I Drooled on My Monitor A Bit..

Photographer Rick Schultz was kind enough to send over these photos of his London flat that he shares with his partner and interior designer Jimmie Karlsson so I can share with you all.
I was speechless at first and it took awhile to take it all in because I absolutely love everything in this flat!
How amazing are the dark gray walls? It’s the perfect backdrop for all the colorful furniture and accessories in their flat. The whole space is very masculine yet also very sexy and fun and I love how different this is and how everything is quite unexpected.
So curious what Rick and Jimmie are like in person because I have a feeling that they are extremely sexy and stylish!
Definitely head over to their websites (here & here) for more drool worthy pictures!


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  1. neon bust with the lightning bolt?! just screaming for an amazing DIY. i'l get on that asap…

  2. this flat is INCREDIBLE! so inspirational. clean, masculine, yet playful with the unexpected pops of color and art.

  3. This is amazing, everything mesh so well. I can't wait to start designing a weird concept for my new apartment this summer. Its going to be great!

  4. Great example of masculine style! Love the dramatic kitchen and that chalkboard backdrop is fantastic!!

  5. Love all these picks. Definitely getting my hands on these JC boots! Oh and the previous post of Rick Schultz flat made me smile. Love the headboard on his bed! :)

    I know you are going to do great things to your new apartment!



  6. amazing! such a chic apartment. i love the blackboard wall. such a cute idea


  7. Wow !! That is quite a place. I love the dark walls in the first room with the silver chandelier and all the bright pillows !!


  8. It's a bit overwhelming for me, but am totally in love with the subtly gray-toned hardwood floors, and the hat on the bust made me smile :)

  9. It's pretty close to perfect! Love the moody color story and the overall sexy vibe…definitely designed for entertaining…reminds me a bit of Starck with the graffiti walls…I'm intrigued, will check out their site now! Thanks for sharing babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. WTF! This is a seriously cool house.. love everything about it.. and on top of all.. the neon yellow greek sculpture with the black ray drawn in the face.. bowie style.. awesome.. amazing place and photos!
    thanks for sharing..I'm definitely inspired by this and can't wait to redecorate my place too haha..

  11. this is like my dream house. I have always wanted like a huge chalk board type thing where visitors and stuff can draw pictures write messages and leave little notes.

    Also i love how things are placed together in a conscious manner. Like the painting grabbing something and the statue with a hat. Those little touches are so genius