Pleated Sheerness

(Anarchy Street Wool Fedora, gifted Juicy Couture Cropped Sweater, Vintage Pleated Sheer Maxi Skirt via Wasteland in Melrose, Steve Madden Ankle Boots)

I found this sheer skirt at Wasteland in Melrose and although it was more than I would pay for a thrifted/vintage skirt, I just had to have it!
Here, I leave you a little quote I found on thnxthxthx.


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  1. hi my pretty love!

    Umm why are you soooooo gorgeous? your outfit is STUNNNING! You scored on that sheer maxi, so jealous!!!

    Cant wait to see you in SF!!!
    Miss you babes!


  2. That skirt is stunning! I love it! A maxi skirt must make it's way into my spring wardrobe… but would never hold up to the slush & snow of winter here! So pretty though! Love the sheerness.

  3. gorgeous skirt.

    and that quote seriously made my life – SUCH a better way to look at mondays!

  4. Super cute look! You look gorgeous! I must sound so redundant always saying that lol but it's SO true! You're so photogenic with great style. ♥ you ;) xx

  5. Your cropped top is so freaking adorable! And I have a pair of sheer harem pants, but I've never mustered up enough courage to wear it. After seeing this post, maybe I can finally do it, otherwise the pants would go to waste.
    I've seen that quote before – so clever, but I still hate Mondays haha

    xo Sherrie

  6. the skirt is absolutely adorable.
    also, thanks so much for the quote. makes me feel a lot better about mondays!
    ive been following your blog for awhile now! you're amazing! check mine out whenever you have time love


  7. Love, love, LOVE that skirt!!
    Happy NY!

    ps: I still hate mondays, sorry :p



  8. Cute skirt, but wasteland can be pretty pricey for thrifted goods. LA go figure. Love that note that is a great find and an amazing way to think of Monday.

  9. Wow that skirt is gorgeous, and it's thrifted! That berry-colored fedora is adorable. I'm also in love will all of your jewelry, especially that bracelet.

  10. Love the skirt and love the little quote… I like Mondays too, ever since I found out that I was born on a Monday :-)

  11. This is completely stunning, I love the sheerness of the skirt yet its length enables it to be far classier! Adore your trinket jewellery too.

    Happy new year!


  12. this outfit si soo nice, I really like transparent clothes, and the skirt is interesting, and the combination with chunky sweatet is amazing!
    anf the sentence about "french monday's fact" is cute!

  13. You look lovely Aimee! I love the colour palette, very simple, but very striking at the same time :) Happy New Year!!

  14. ABSOlutely LOVE this outfit.
    you look fantastic.
    adore everything about this look.

    wish you a wonderful week darling

  15. Gorgeous skirt. Love the entire outfit. You're really pretty and can probably pull off any outfit. Great job !

  16. great skirt, i have a similar one but im still thinking wut top i shld wear it with….and u gave me an inspiration…

  17. Nice skirt :*
    I wish you happy new year, lot of new followers, clothes and luck!
    Kisses from Slovakia

  18. that skirt is perfect!!! and i love how u paired it with a slouchy sweater!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!