Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

Gloomy Day at Lincoln Center

(Urban Outfitter Top, Vintage Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print Chiffon Skirt, Topshop Wisteria Wedges, Ferragamo purse)

This was Nadia, Hassan and my first day at Lincoln Center and we all slept in which resulted in missing all the shows we were invited to.
We ended up going to Taghrid’s (btw, how cute is her outfit?) favorite Chocolate store and lounged there eating lots of delicious desserts and sipping lattes.
It was my first time at New York Fashion Week and honestly I don’t know how I would’ve survived fashion week without my love Nadia. I seriously LOVE her.
Btw, a sweet visitor of my blog snapped a picture of me that day that shows my entire outfit HERE.


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  1. aww everyone wants to take pictures of you aimee, cause you look so damn good of course! this is one of my favorite outfits of yours, that's for sure. LOVE the long sweater over the tank/shirt.

  2. it must be so weird to have so many photographers take pictures of you. I would be very nervous

  3. great outfit! i love the subtle sheerness of the leopard skirt. bummer about missing some of the shows, it's ok next year! :)

  4. Anonymous says on September 17, 2010

    It was your first time at NYFW and you slept through the shows that you were invited to? You're such a loser. Do you know how many people would kill to be invited to shows? Get over yourself.

  5. taghrid looks adorable and you look stunning!!!! its your makeup. so fresh. you look porcelain ;) and i mean that in the best way possible.


  6. i wish i went. le sigh, next year!

    ok seriously i love that skirt. do you just wear it with black shorts? hmm ok well if ever you decide to part with it, can i get first dibs? ;)


  7. You look amazing! that outfit is to die for! im so sad i didn't get to meet you during NYFW! there is always next year!


  8. you look stunning in that outfit missy.

    I can`t help loving your lips!

    what kind of lipstick is this??

    Feel free to visit sometime,

    xx T

  9. you look so lovely darling. i hope you had a great time. chocolate store- AH-that sounds so yummy!
    Hope youre having a great week


  10. Hi,
    I found your blog in website, and I loved!!
    Are you from L.A?
    I'm from Brazil, and I thinking to go to California next year to do some fashion course.
    I hope find something good!