Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

Bright Red and Bright Blue



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This dress was actually a longer dress that only came a few inches above the knee. It was an awkward length for an average height girl like me so with the help of fabric tape and an iron, I was able to shorten it.
I was going to share the lipstick color and brand I was wearing but I can’t find that lipstick anywhere! I normally don’t lose things easily but on this trip to New York I lost my brand new Michael Kors sunglasses, almost lost my handbag, and now lost my new favorite lipstick.
I’m going to have to go back to Sephora to buy the same lipstick again. I’m pretty sure it was from Make Up Forever, but I’ll double check.
Btw, the first image is by Jason from Citizen Couture for Harpers Bazaar. (Thank you, Jason!)


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  1. every comment i leave feels shallow- but it is no lie- i adore the way you style yourself. and would love to look into your closet- and to have you style me

  2. Nice pictures! Haha I bought a bright red lipstick of MAC, it's kinda scary to wear it sometimes, since people over here will stare you down :P xoxo

  3. that dress is absolutely gorgeous, you look good in it! and I love the chanel bag, I think it looks much better than the original black ones!!

  4. you look gorgeous in the printed dress aimee! it looks so good shortened like this, and with badass booties of course :)

  5. Losing things..this is something I do with amazing grace and humility because it happens so often. In one month I lost me phone, debit card, and something else, but I can't remember ha. Either way I love that dress ahhh I wish I were tiny enough to wear things that well fitted. The place I work for has this amazing tea stain color dress for spring and ugh it is gorgeous and knitted fantastically, but no way in hell could I wear it. So jealous of you thin people sometimes. I guess its more of a reason to keep exercising.

  6. Your prowess with double-sided tape is impressive. I've tried to hem things in the past but it never looks right. I think you made the right choice with the length. It looks fantastic on you.

  7. oh god because/thanks to you I woke up two morning ago at 7am and bought Nyla boots haha. must I add that i was up till midnight the night before looking all over the web for the perfect pair haha. (i think I may have a slight problem)
    also I now want/need the boots you are wearing.
    thanks for introducting to like the best boots. (my credit card hates you for this)

  8. wow i love your outfit, it looks amazing, i'm really sorry for you that you lost all that stuff, I hate loosing stuff ):


  9. that dress fits you like a dream! and i love your shoes + hair. how long did it take you to grow it that long actually? because i'm trying to grow my annoying midcut around your length x