Make up Outfit

Trying Different Colors

in RED
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(Forever 21 Pilot Jacket, Christian Dior Blouse, Vintage Levi’s Shorts from PQ Design)

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I don’t think Red is my color.
I look like a man in Red lipstick but I like Pink although u can’t really tell much difference.


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  1. I actually think the red looks really good on you! I can't see a difference from the pink one, but they're both gorgeous.

  2. your very pretty :)
    love the dresses and the wing necklace, very cool

    Theory of a fashion victim

  3. you look gorgoeus in that lippy!! and i LOVE that necklace i've been looking for one like that for agesss?? where from?

  4. false! i think red looks great on you :) just play around with different types of red. it takes awhile to get used to wearing red lips, but unstoppable!

  5. I love the red on you, though there really isn't much difference! Both colors look good on you. I love that jacket! I was really surprised to see it was by Forever 21…

  6. i love you in both, but especially in the first picture with the pink lipstick!

    every time i see your blog i think of a funny/creepy story (however you might like to see it as).. when i was little i had this OBSESSION with people of asian descent because i love their eyes…. and so i wanted to have almond-shaped eyes myself. so one day i decided that if i used scotch tape to stretch my eyes they would stay that way…….. the results were, of course, disappointing. and i freaked my mom out when she found out.

    yes, i was a strange little girl. lol

  7. no, no, no. You look damn pretty in both lipsticks! You should wear them more often;)

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

  8. Its crazy how this little color can change a lot in ones face. I mean you still look incredibly pretty but yet so different!
    Hope your doing good!

  9. Anonymous says on December 3, 2009

    Hey, is that jacket cocoa color? it just looks greyish…

    does it have D-ring buckles on the side?

    i was wondering if these were same as the ones im lookin at to purchase..

    please let me know!

    great outfit =)

  10. you're right, i cant tell the difference between red and pink!wear what you feel most comfortable with :) i've been trying to pull off the red lips too, but i don't look as good as you :( btw, i love the floral dress in your last 2 pictures! and the wing necklace is goooohrrrggeous! :D


  11. haha Aimee, you like the most feminine man i know! lol. so far from it. you look lovely in red! i'm too scared to try it myself though >.

  12. Great pilot jacket and what an awesome necklace! On the lip color, I think everyone can find red that suits them, only it's not so easy. I haven't found mine yet too, but would love t wear it sometimes…

  13. Amie Ahn says on December 2, 2009

    hey aimee where were you raised? glendale? valley area? i think i know your sister and you too lol

  14. I love how you look on red but i think you look better on a nude lipstick. however, i love the whole outfit (L) the jacket, the shorts, boots.. everything!!!

  15. I think think the lipstick looks bad on your at all. btw, where is your necklace from? is it brass? (i'm always on the lookout for brassy jewelry)

    btw, this is my first time commenting but i read your blog often. pleased to you :)

  16. Really? I think you look gorgeous in both colours. :]

    And I LOVE your necklace! Where is it from?

  17. I love that first outfit! You look amazing! And you so can pull off both lipstick colors. I was contemplating buying that jacket at Forever 21 for the longest time. Now I wish that I had!

  18. hahaa yea, i was looking at these – going back between red and pink trying to figure out the difference… i agree – maybe less of an orangey red?
    love your jacket and the feather necklace!

  19. Anonymous says on December 2, 2009

    If you had eye make up on the red lipstick would look good on you

  20. the pink looks lovely! the red isn't bad either.. but the pink looks red enough anyway.. I can't really tell the difference!

    I love your necklace :)