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DIFFA: Dining By Design

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(Dress by BCBG Max Azria)
So we finally finished designing our table (installation was yesterday) and showcased it today.
I really wished we had more time like the other designers but I think we did a decent job for pulling this together in a week. The ladies in the pictures are the other three designers I worked with: Maria, Anisa, and Maiko.
The San Francisco Dining by Design was incredible and this was an amazing experience. There were so many beautiful and awesome table set ups. I took lots of pictures so I will post more possibly tomorrow.
Enjoy the sneak peak of our table at the Dining by Design. Btw, can you guys guess what our theme was?


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  1. Anonymous says on November 21, 2009

    Well, L, nobody asked for your opinion. Everyone else thinks it's great including myself so no need to keep coming back to comment.
    Aimee, y'all did a great job!

  2. i love how sometimes being brutally honest is percieved as bitter or jealous, just take it for what it is- an opinion

  3. aww well done!! i'm guessing the theme was something related to circus?? haha just being a graphic designer and judging by the type in your name poster thingie :D

  4. Anonymous says on November 21, 2009

    hey aimeeee where are your wedges from???? those are something ive always been looking for!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says on November 20, 2009

    A carnival or circus?
    It looks wonderful and I really like your dress. You don't seem to flat like you've said.

  6. Anonymous says on November 20, 2009

    Alice in Wonderland?? :D It's gorgeous, nice job girl. You look gorgeous too. ^^

  7. i wasn't wowed or anything.. lack of flow through the table and uniqueness, a mix match of things unrelated to each other except perhaps for colour? questionable taste.. i could do a better circus job in my dining room. im a designer and it looks like you had fun though i appreciate its not always easy to work with others in a short amount of time and get your vision across.

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  9. hi aimee! gorgeous dress. everybody said circus already, if not that, im guessing alice in wonderland? i dont know why but that came into my head. :P congrats btw!

  10. What a beautiful table setting! I love the colors so much, you guys did a great job! I'm going to save the picture in my files for inspiration.

  11. Carnival Circus?
    judging by the stripes and candies and the color….. i can't believe you guys did this in a week.
    It's awesome that you have a real job.

  12. the table looks INSANELY gorgeous…as do always.


    xxx bel

    ps – how DARE you eat?! hahaha (joking obviously)

  13. thats such a great table design! im guessing the theme was…circus? (like britney's circus) regardless of the theme, i love it:) and the color of your dress is perfect for your complexion! ahem ahem..may i stole you wedges please?they're HOT!


  14. hey aimee!! its been ages hope you've been well!! you look absolutely stunning, as always and just too gorgeousss for words :D i'm guessing theme is alice in wonderland! lv you and your teams work!! x

  15. hey you were so successful! And you look great… About the installation… I'm Turkish and i see some Turkish Tulip Designs and Turkish handmade glass works… I don't know, i felt some Turkish wind there :)

  16. Oh everything is so beautiful! Can't believe you guys did it in just one week? I actually think working in a group makes it even harder! So congratulations! I like this framed plate with your names, kinda cool huh You looked beautiful, as always!

  17. Your table dressing is beautiful! It's got some of my favorite colors :) I have no idea what your theme was supposed to be (because I'm bad at guessing)… A hint?