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Unit 5301: By Leslie Bamburg
Client: Computer Geek meets Modern Elegance for a Google Exec.
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Unit 302: By Eugene Anthony
Client: Paris meets Manhattan for empty nesters
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Unit 5303: By Mary Ann Schicketanz and Carissa Duncan
Client: Atherton couple downsizing from large suburban home
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Unit 5304: By Donald Fugina and Karen Calija
Client: Single Corporate Executive
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(American Apparel Micro-Mesh Gloria-V Bodysuit, Arden B Bra, Forever 21 Skirt, Sergio Rossi Heels)

I had originally wore this outfit yesterday without a bra but it was too skanky so at the last minute I changed my mind. (Seriously pain in the ass to pee in this especially when the bathroom that I can use is down in the lobby)
For those who don’t know I work at the Design Center as well at an Architecture Firm. Yesterday was the opening of the Design Above All event, which is the lastest showcase from San Francisco Design Center. It is currently being held at One Rincoln Hill, a super high rise in SF. All the units were on the 53rd floor and when I went up the elevator (btw, got there in 20 sec) my ears popped.
It was amazing how all of the units were well put together and how different they were from one another depending on the designer.
For those who live in San Francisco or around SF you should definitely check out the Design Above All. It’s so worth it. The view, the designs, the art works, and much more.


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  1. You look perfect! Great bodysuit;) Dress him as often as possible. Grettings ;)

  2. This is the best way I have ever seen this AA bodysuit worn!! I bought the same one about a year ago, but have never worn it. You have inspired me to try it out!!

  3. NikkiMovado says on December 4, 2009

    I love the american apparel v body suit. NeYo & Keri Hilson's dancers wore them while performing at the awards. I love the way it feels & fits. I went out and got a black skirt thanks to you!!

  4. What's the fit on this bodysuit if you don't mind my asking? Would you say it is true to size or runs small? And if you don't mind my asking, how tall are you and what is your bust size? I'm interested in wearing this for Hween but will be ordering from the internet. Thanks! Please respond @

  5. Anonymous says on October 1, 2009

    Ran into your site trying to find the design above all pics. Like the aforementioned comments… Your look is amazing. Do you ever style?

  6. woww i'd totally wanna go for that Design Above All exhibition… SF really seems like a pretty amazing place to be…

    anyway that f21 skirt is too cute!! :D

  7. I am dying, DYING over your outfit! You look so hot in that bodysuit! And that skirt makes it look so chic but still so sophisticated at the same time!!! You look fantastic!

  8. I'm coming up this weekend. Hopefully it will still be going on! The apartments are soo well decorated. I love it!

  9. So impressive! It's amazing that this is your job :)
    And the outfit is definitely something I'm going to try and imitate in the near future. Love it!

  10. I love your outfit !

    It must be so interesting to work at design center and at an architecture firm ! You've got chance !

  11. omg i think this is officially my favourite outfit of yours!!!! i looove the poofy/cute skirt paired with the mesh/revealing bodysuit. sooo awesome. must've been a bitch to go pee though???

  12. The light fixture above the dining table is INCREDIBLE!!! Loved these pics, thanks for sharing! Wish I were in SF to check them out myself :)

  13. omgosh, views from those condos… <3 it!!!! i'd love to have that kinda view in my home one day.

  14. Agree with above comment about Megan Fox haha! You look gorgeous, I LOVE the whole silhouette. One of the best all-black outfits I've seen that's not on Kate Moss. Lovely.

  15. That's the american apparel v body suit!? This is the first time I've seen it worn so amazingly! Seriously this was much better on you than on Megan Fox on the cover of rolling stone. Just so you know haha. I love how you toned down the boob factor and added the perfect skirt. LOVELOVELOVE.

    + Missed you and your blog in my life.

    KISSES, China L.