Alexa Chung

I love her effortless, even messy at times, style that is so hard to do right.

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  1. My love for Alexa Chung has no bounds. I’m searching for a checked coat exactly like hers!

  2. She has greatt style, I can’t believe that she’s half chinese though, she doesn’t look it at all.

  3. oh my i love love love alexa! the first and third looks here are my favs. she is so cute! xxx LM

  4. love her style
    and she is so cute!

  5. i’ve never actually watched her on television but i DO love her sense of style x

  6. i love alexa chung… she is the one of the coolest, most stylish women ever.

  7. love her! always have always will!

  8. She has amazing style! love her

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