Song of Style


I almost tripped twice walking down the hills of San Francisco today.

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(H&M; cardigan, Arden B blouse, Arden B skinny jeans, Chloe bag, and booties thats definitely not meant for walking down the hill!!!)

Love, Aimee


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  1. I think I could probably eat this for dessert! I have never eaten sweet potatoes like this although I have done a similar thing with carrots and loved it.

  2. Anonymous says on November 7, 2008

    love the shoes!!!!
    swaeter ga jjom e sang hae -_-
    with the outfit.
    anyways love love love!

  3. Love the ruffled blouse with the cardigan. I’m so jealous, I could never keep white shoes white. They look great on you with the bag :)


  4. thanks for the nice words
    just not me in the pic, scroll down to the halloween pics ;-)

    you look lotta hot here, shoes are fierce